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Patch Patch Notes - 1/18/2024 The cake is a lie!


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  • Tiered Cake can be Dyed.
  • Tier Cake Slices retain that dye.
  • Tiered Cake and Slices can be engraved
  • Cake can be Dyed.
  • Cake Slices retain that dye.
  • Cake and Slices can be engraved
  • Fixed a bug with BOD keys we accidentally introduced.
  • 4 piece final Anniversary Painting #21 has been added to the game to find for the collectors out there! This one will be RARE.
  • Reduce Dragon breath range a little to reduce off screen death
  • Leather Dye tub will now work on Orc Masks
  • Remove Orcish Kin Mask deletion on Aggressive action toward Orcs. Still will receive Extra Damage.
  • Added Fur to the Stygian Storage Box
  • Adj: SUMMONERS: Summon Creature time Reduced by a little under Half. It feels a lot smoother in testing while not being a canon fodder skill.
  • Chaga Mushroom Spawns Missing Added
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