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Patch Patch Notes - 1/26/24 Idocs, Play Time, and More


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  • leather dye tub can dye the orcish kin mask
  • IDOCs that are a higher tier, higher item, have had their difficulty increased a bit. We watched the largest IDOC we have ever had on this server, and with GM intervention, created what we think was one of the most rewarding encounters for an IDOC to date. We have balanced the automated mobs to match this difficulty.
    • Terradragons will spawn as normal mobs again instead of just Bosses.
    • More mobs will spawn at higher tier IDOCs
    • Mobs will leash slightly further now to adjust for the mob increase.
    • Many mobs have been tweaked to be slightly more beefy! Keep your wits about you!
    • Implemented a backend to record when multiple characters from the same account are at an IDOC keeping a log for the Admin team, to assist in preventing multi boxing and an unfair advantage. - backend
  • Holiday tree Increased DBL click to Deed radius, for co owners and owners. You can also place these during the not holiday seasons and they will look like normal trees without lights.

  • Decorative guild stones can be dyed with the furniture dye tub
  • Added CUB points to [wallet command
  • Added Event Tool for Firebottle - backend
  • Added command: [ClearFollowers if you have a follower count but no follows in the world.
  • Added Gargish Short Table to Carpentry Misc Menu

  • add [Played command to see your total play time, per character, broken down into years, months, days, etc.
  • Adjusted font size on website for legibility.
  • Add Orc Emojis to Discord:
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