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Patch Patch Notes 1/31/24 - Critical Fix / Animal Taming Skill Gains


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  • Satyr's Discord upped to 160 from 100 skill (kill the old ones) to allow for animal training past certain levels.
  • All pets will now gain skills without needing to be discorded past X level.
  • Fixed a crash with the Librarian in SoP quest
  • Fixed multiple exploits with the BoD System.
  • Resolved a fringe case of losing BoD banked points if you canceled the window.
  • Fixed exceptional BoD turn in (non exceptionals are disabled until next patch as we re-code this to make more logical sense)
  • Reworded the turn in Window for BoDs to explain Banked points vs Claiming Points.
  • Fixed bug with Vendor Sale Percentage intrduced last patch.
  • Added Round Lasagna
  • Fixed issue with Guildstone not dying if it was a legacy fixture
  • Fixed an issue with the Smuggler Title not being rewarded
  • Fixed strange shadowwyrm spawn spot in rock
  • Adjusted High-end Tier IDOCs difficulty a little more after watching this latest round.
  • Glacial Hue Cloth ❄️ 👕 added to Magincia Stone
  • Liquid Metal Cloth 🌌 :Blacksmith: added to Magincia Stone
  • Liquid Metal Pet Dye 🐾:Blacksmith: added to Magincia Stone
  • Glacial Hue Pet Dye ❄️🐾 added to Magincia Stone
  • Ethereal Pet Dye 👻 🐾 added to Magincia Stone


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