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PATCH NOTES 10.16.16


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Patch Notes
This week we are focusing on giving more reward for effort. As well as ways to protect that effort. You will see a lot of gold updates, loot table adjustments, and the addition of insurance. As well, the normal quality of life enhancements. This patch should have a very big impact on your gameplay experience so please leave feedback as you have time to play around with it!

Not every week will be a patch week. Sunday's are when we can reset the server to make sure your experience is always as smooth as possible. So some weeks may be bigger with patches than others.

  • Added Bod Bribery System.
  • Weapons, Armor, and Jewelry now scale their vendor sell prices based on their rarity (uncommon, common, rare, epic, legendary) We are starting out conservative with prices, so not to flood the market, but really would like your feedback on this. So please create a feedback thread if you feel it is still too low or too high etc etc.
  • Adjusted gold drops from low-mid-high range level mobs(cyclops-dragons). Will test out for a bit and see if this helps people get on their feet better. (may undergo a few more balance tweaks) Again please leave feedback on how this feels!
  • Potions are now stack-able.
  • Players can now co owner players that own a house to their house.
  • Insurance has been turned on. We have thought long and hard about this and with the way itemization is in AoS, we don't want those who spend days farming for the right gear to lose it all in a split second from a PK, but at the same time we want to make sure it is something you really need to PAY for if you want to insure your entire set of gear. (as you can see above we are improving your ways to get income as well to help balance this)
    • Left click your player for the toggle insurance gump.
    • Prices have been equalized at 10k per item you wish to insure. This makes it so an entire set of armor and weapons can cost upwards of 100k to insure. It also makes bless deeds more valuable for clothing than to use insurance.
    • Insured items CAN be stolen by thieves.
    • If you are killed the killer get's a percentage of your insurance money as a reward.
    • If you are killed my a monster you pay the bank.
    • If you are killed by a player or a monster you will pay the insurance fee. (this is that risk versus reward thing, do you insure an item when fighting mobs with the off chance you could lose thousands on a mistake? Or do you only use it for PvP? The choice is yours!)

  • Resolved small issue with houses decaying too quickly.
  • Added a Plain Natural Dye Kit to the Gold Sink Vendor. This will remove any colors from Weapons/Armor/Clothing reverting to their default natural color. (because sometimes bright green just doesn't match your outfit!)
  • Removed the Shipwright from new haven, so you cannot go sailing around Trammel.
  • Just say "trick or treat" to your local npc's and enjoy the Halloween Spirit! Accurate to OSI: http://www.uoguide.com/Halloween_2011 (HINT: gm begging might net ya some sweet stuff)
  • The Brit Farms to the west have an overgrowth of Pumpkins, it seems your efforts in the graveyard pushed the evil pumpkins back underground! Be careful though, not all of them are what they seem!
  • Additionally Brit Farms to the West have been filled with cotton and pumpkins ripe for the picking!
  • You can now use a runebook on the ground within 3 tiles of it instead of 1.
  • Added a new tamable the BakeKitsune
  • Added a new Ethy Mount to the Dono vendor, the Normal Hued Tiger.