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Patch Notes 10.18.16


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Due to an unforeseen critical error, we have restarted the server, fixed the issue, and patched some other features in.

  • Small Tweak to insurance: It will cost 1,000GP per insured item if you die to a Monster. It will cost the full 10k per item if you die to a player. This is to balance out PvM vs PvP.
  • When overweight, if you buy items or sell items from a vendor, the gold or the items will be placed in your bank instead of falling at your feet. Gold automatically goes into your account wide system, so you do not visibly see it in your bank but you can see the message pop up when it happens.
  • Added Granite Furnace at the brit crafting area, turns granite to sand.
  • Young players no longer get attacked by mobs unless they start the fight.
  • Crafted weapons no longer sell for an obscene amount of money(more than crafted materials, now slightly less or equal)
  • Added all types of Harvest-able Lumber: http://www.uoguide.com/Board
  • Added A TON of new craftables to carpentry.
  • Added the soul forge just as a decoration item to crafting.
  • You can now get 3 any bulk orders every 3 hours.
  • Treasure maps will now be using the old system with static locations so it can be easier to map.(this may be changed back depending on feedback)
  • Added a New Timer for the bod quest system.
  • Artifact Chances On Paragons and Darkfather. Instead of not knowing what your chance was, it shows a percentage of a drop after killing it.
  • Changed Artifact Chance drop for DarkFather in the Gauntlet of Doom to be much better.
  • Added Level 5 Treasure chests. Requires 95 lockpicking.
  • (quality of life item) Added Salvage Bag to Provisioner.
  • (quality of life item) NPCS will now teach your skills up to 50.
  • Added Completely Custom Bod Reward Crafting Quest System, will be available at the Britain Crafting Area.
A quest giver has been added to the Britain Crafting Area, Tailor, Tinker, Bowcrafting, and Carpentry shops.


When you click him/her and get bulk order info:

Click Accept.

It will then popup another gump:


This will ask for a random amount of resources of different qualities and different quantities.
You drag and drop the ingots on the quest giver.
Which will popup the next Gump:

You click OKAY and it let's you know what your next step is to create items and it gives you a bag before you start making items:

Then you need to fill it! Start crafting!
When you craft an item that is sufficient enough quality to go in the bag you will get this message:

As you craft these items the bag fills automatically until you get this popup:


Take the now full blue bag back to the vendor and drop it on him.

This will popup:


Click Okay and accept your REWARD!

(these are the rewards for a high level Valorite quest)