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Patch Notes 10.2.16


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Today's patch is prepping for a lot of October Events more than anything else since we released a big patch on Wednesday. So nothing huge, just a few tweaks and balances.
  • Added some halloween addons.
  • Paragon Chest Halloween Hues Added
  • Added an assortment of lamps to be added to the dono vendor including some Halloween themed ones.
  • Tweaked Pumpkin Heads, Some really fun collectibles added.

  • Increased power of nightsight potions
  • Added trash collection barrels and vendors
  • Modified spawn timers to be faster in many dungeons and majority of Ilsh.
  • Dragons have been reverted back to original state and have gotten a health boost, with minor tweaks to make them not OP. It will take teamwork to tame a dragon. But it will help tamers in the long run versus their current situation.
  • Treasure Chests now show Level. (old ones may need to despawn first)
What we are working on for future patches:
  • Increase vendor buy back prices
  • Insurance that ONLY works versus monsters
  • Skill Scrolls on Mobs
  • Newbie items on Char creation
  • Add Legendary Hued Tamable Dragons (colors may change)
  • Fix Gold/items, anything that makes you overweight will drop at feet purchased from a vendor instead of going into your bank.
  • Players can't provoke creatures onto themselves and other players. (was causing a fatal crash on the server)
  • Allow non Young players to complete new haven quests
  • Remove Nightsight properties from Items or make it so they ONLY work in Dungeons.
  • Add Quest NPCS from this Era to a special zone.
  • Add a new system for imbuing weapons with specific stats.
  • Add a way for crafters to create legendary weapons, break down current ones for mats etc.
  • Allow non young players into New Haven with Caveats
  • Order vs Chaos
  • Add more mini bosses
  • Implement more of ML quests currently inaccessible in regions.

As with any development, things may change, be added, removed. But we want you all to know what is on the plate! So don't get married to anything, but don't be afraid to discuss it either.