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Patch Patch Notes 10/20/23 - Misc/Holidays/Fixes


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  • Halloween Missing items for Trick or Treat begging added to loot table: Medusa Head, Crystal Skull Elemental, Sphinx, Cat, and Dinosaur added to Begging Trick or Treat activity
  • Added Fire Scarecrow to Halloween Stone
  • Moved coffin deed to Halloween Stone from UO Store, made more sense.
  • Added Gargish Lantern Post to Magincia Stone
  • Added Glowing Skulls to Magincia Stone
  • Added Ghastly Pumpkin Statue to Magincia Stone
  • Glowing Pentagram Wall Art added to Magincia Stone
  • Added Skull and Bones Flag to Deco Stone in Magincia
Cause it is never too early CHRISTMAS AND WINTER:
  • Add to the game new Snow Sculptures, Christmas Pillows, Snowy Lampposts, Anniversary Posters and random Dead Bodies. How these will be distributed to be determined at a later date.
  • Added all stoves, ovens, fireplaces to heat sources for cooking
  • Fix for Shadowguard fountain possible crash
  • Adj: 5 months for being able to use in game Statue maker
  • Reverted recall with summoned creatures to prevent follower bug. Sorry, will need to resummon when you get to your new locations.
  • IDOC "Succubus" AOE caused by your pet, spells, or summons will no longer hit you if triggered when you are far far away.
  • Paragons can appear at IDOC's again.
  • Clear most debuffs/mods/buffs on death for players and bonded pets
    • Added flag to retain certain buffs on death (like city loyalty or magic reflect)
  • Fix: Creatures that are not Bonded will go wild as intended with loyalty 0 for x time.
  • Adj: No more restrictions for Blackthorne's castle for mounts and recall
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