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Patch Notes 10.21.16


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Due to a Bod Hotfix here are your Sunday Patch Notes Early. We may still do a restart on Sunday for regular maintenance, we will let you know on Sunday. But we added a bunch of really cool content in this patch. Enjoy!
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  • Changed the treasure hunting back to Dynamic for more flavor and fun!
  • Boat Decay set to 30 days!
  • As part of the Halloween Quests, zombies and skeletons with YOUR name can spawn in graveyards at random. Killing these zombies or skeletons will result in it dropping a statues of said monster with your name!
  • Quivers are now usable items without damage increase.
  • Shadow Wyrm costume now shows properly. (please page a gm to have yours replaced if you purchased one)
  • Newbie Essentials Bags have been added (these will be given out to those who already have characters by paging a gm and requesting one PER ACCOUNT) and they will be put in the bank for new players.
  • We added instructions for how to report a bug http://uoalive.com/forum/index.php?threads/how-to-report-a-bug.241/, this is to help cut down on private messages on discord without proper information and then it getting lost in messages.
  • Added more preparation for the Halloween Event to end the month of October. We plan to hold it either on the 29th or the 1st of November so not to interfere with any Halloween plans you may have.
  • Drinking game added to UOAlive. If you see the cat chasing the dog around Brit bank you must take a shot. If the dog is chasing the cat you don't.
  • Minor typos fixed here and there.
  • Reminder: The Cat's Lair to the South of the Britain Bank has slot machines for those who like to waste money gamble. :)
  • Runebooks can now not only be opened but can be used from 3 tiles away.
  • Lord British has a sick sense of humor and has turned his thrown room into a champion spawn for his pixies and unicorn collection! Enter at your own risk!
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