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Patch Patch Notes - 10/27/2022

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Just a general note, we are scaling back "major patches" and breaking up our patches a bit as we head into the winter/holiday months. We are focusing on in game events as well, for instance this Friday will be the major Halloween Weekend event with the Undead! Have fun with that :) As well, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner!

What does this mean? We may not have a restart every Thursday, but we will trigger the daily rares! If we see performance issues or critical bugs we will obviously restart, but we will be putting more focus on events and in game edits rather than out of game. When we fix bugs and such that come up, unless critical, they may go into a queue for when we push them to live.

This allows us to balance our personal lives and the working lives on UOAlive during the Holiday months coming up.

Thanks for understanding!


  • Added / Fixed Khaldun Paintings for drops - Hammerhead
  • Wild Fire Ostards are in game (think.. fire)
Bug Fixes
  • Vendor Search bug resolved that could cause a server crash
  • FireOstridge Blackrock Stew Fix
  • Critical Mob Crash fix (Eleos with the awesome assist!)
  • No Guards in Fel Britain anymore
  • Fishing can be done from 12 tiles instead of 4, this is an attempt to match OSI's "fishing off a moving boat" technique. (let us know how it goes as the code is very different and we had to do some weird stuff here)
  • Kudos now drop every 30 minutes online instead of 12. As well the amount of extra Kudos in blessed areas has been raised according to match the timer. The amounts have been adjusted as well to balance out the changes to the Kudos Stone. The "discount for bulk" was never supposed to be so extreme, but we will continue monitoring it for tweaks.
  • Giant Beetles now have aura effects that match OSI
  • King Arthur's Tabard has been tweaked to bring it more in line with the other rewards out in the world:
    - Luck reduced to 50
    - Durability reduced to 50 max
    - Prized (costs more to insure) and Brittle(still can repair the item, just can't fortify) attributes added
    This is still a great item for the effort involved, but also rewards those who seek the harder items out. We wanted to adjust this rather than make it cost more to get it from completing the quest as that felt like a grind to a fun Questline. Compromises :)
    (We are willing to replace any tabards trans-mogged for the normal one as a one time thing due to the changes. Open a ticket. Remember, MMO's need balance here and there and we discussed these tabards taking away from other items in the game rather than being a fun stepping stone with a fun / easy to complete quest. But we are always willing to make good on items that were invested heavily in if changed. We aren't some huge nameless support mmo we are UOAlive :))
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