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Patch Notes 10.30.16


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Here are your patch notes for 10.30.16

PvP improvements to insurance:
  • A counter for your insurance to show Total deaths you can afford if killed by a player
  • Titles for your profession do not show by default, on mouse hover on a character. To turn it on type [showskilltitle (you will need to recall or log in and out for it to take effect, server limitation)
  • Blood Oath now works as intended with a 35% damage cap in PvP and a 100% in PvM
Surveyor Program for Immersion
Champ Spawns:
  • Modified spawn levels slightly to adjust for higher population.
  • Added craftables for High Seas content: Tailoring, Blacksmithy, Tinkering items
  • Increased amount of Saltpeter on Sea Market Vendor.
  • Enabled Engraving tool for Blacksmithy and Carpentry for containers to drop from Crafting Quest.
  • Added Engraving tool to cooking skill. For those special birthday cakes!
Pet Leash / Shrink Pets
  • Modified Pet Leashes:
    • They are now sold on the gold vendor stone
    • They have 10 charges
    • They will show stats of what you shrink
    • p1yVaDb.png

    • They have had their prices increased to be in line with a Pet Summoning ball
    • They were never intended to shrink larger creatures only small ones hence the price increase.
    • All older pet leashes have been removed from the game.
    • Shrunk Pets can be sold. (a whole new layer of training pets for profit)
  • Using the command [vote or clicking the voting stone at the Britain Bank now rewards you vote tokens everyday you vote. These will be used for special rewards in the future.

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