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Patch Notes 11.17.16 - YOU NEED TO PATCH YOUR CLIENT!


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Patch Notes 11.17.16

WE Updated Client to latest OSI Version, you will need to update yours as well to login:
Just run UOPatch.exe in your install directory.

  • Baracoon Speed modified to be more manageable.
  • Paragon chests will NEVER AGAIN drop a trammel treasure map!!!
  • Blocked Doom Exploit location
  • Fixed Cora Lootpack.
  • Added orc skin color deed to donation vendor.
  • orcskin.PNG

  • Trapped Chests/crates/boxes are no longer disabled when unlocked. They can only be disabled for the user when locked and in your bag or secured in a house. BE CAREFUL! :)
  • Curse Weapon - Working as intended
  • Vampiric Embrace - Working as intended
  • Bleed Attack - Working as intended
  • Changed the graphic for the corpse head on cut to be more distinguishable!

    old left - new right
  • New Necromare mount added to world, this will be EXTREMELY difficult to get to. So be prepared to team up!

  • Murderers are allowed back in Guarded Cities. Guards CANNOT be called on Reds in a guarded Town unless they attack you. If you attack them they can kill you without the guards intervening. We have decided this would go against what we have planned for the Good vs Evil (faction type battle) system we are making. Murderer's can still be called guards upon if they attack you in town. Thanks for allowing us to try this. This means however that if you are flagged as a criminal or engaged in combat you cannot enter the Britain Bank Roof.
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