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Patch Notes 11.27.16


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We have quite a few goodies for you this week! The holidays allowed us to really spend some time adding some cool features!

New commands:

  • [Look : This opens a player paperdoll and description page you target. If you target self it will open your Bio to fill in. This is a great way to get players to write some back story or use the often hidden "bio scroll" in the paper doll.
  • [AddToParty <name> - Sends a party invite directly the specified player. You can use this command to add someone to your party anywhere in the world. (how many times have you wished you could add your friend to the party while he is at his castle restocking?!)

Gump seen by the invited player

  • [History : command to open a gump with the history of everything you've said and heard from other players.

    If you ever needed to read the journal, but couldn't understand anything because of the awful speech hue they've chosen, you will enjoy this! It automatically opens on login.

  • The gump auto refreshes whenever someone says something. The auto refresh is turned off when the player start browsing the history, so you have to call the command again to re-enable the auto refresh.
  • Players names are auto-colored by default, to make it easy to identify who's speaking.
  • Whenever a party member gets gold from a corpse, the gold is equally split between all members. The rest of the division is kept with the sharer.
  • If a member is overloaded, his share is kept with the sharer.
  • Players not in party won't be affected.

Character Creation:
We have enabled Unique Names. Because you are all unique snowflakes. If a name you choose has been taken(it is determined by date created) you will be given a gump to change your name.

Legendary Dragons:
Another Legendary Dragon has been spotted in the Dungeons!

Skill Scrolls:

The following mobs now have a chance to drop a skill-scroll that will permanently raise your skill by the amount on the scroll. These can be traded or used. The mobs that will drop them are: Titans, Dragons, Ice Ogre Lords, Ogre Lords, Daemons, Nightmares, Balrons, Ancient Liches, Lich Lords, Ancient Wyrm

Meta Game:
Think "Minecraft" with UO building blocks!
In the near future we will be having building competitions with the house tiles offered in game.

When players double-click the "Bricklayer's Box" they receive "Box of Bricks" in their backpack. Inside that box, there are several types of bricks and two items: "Brick Lifter" (to move a brick up) and "Brick Fillister" (to move a brick down).

When players click once on a Brick, they change form. If the player double-clicks it, a copy of that brick is added to their backpack.

They can create as many copies as they want! By dropping the bricks on the ground and double-clicking they can lock the bricks down.

This idea was inspired by Bricks a.k.a LEGO (By Gacoperz) a long time ago on runuo forums

The point will be to set a time when players can get a box of Block and build unique structures in competitions. It is a totally fun and unique game for UO. This is not something that you will have all the time and after the event is over it will be wiped.

The ability to show players via live stream around the world, hopping from player to player. We may or may not use this. If we do there will be an ENORMOUS delay.

  • December 1st triggers the start of the holiday event from OSI. You can get gifts from killing mobs at random and exchange gifts.
  • Trees have been changed from autumn to match snow better.
  • The Britain bank has gotten a makeover for the holiday season!
  • There is a present under the tree you can click to get a special holiday item per account!
  • clickmegift.PNG
Gold Vendor:
  • A scroll to raise your skill cap to 720 PERMANENTLY has been added to the Gold Vendor in Britain. We feel this will diversify builds even more while not throwing off the balance at all. OSI uses this default for veterans.
  • y0zJjCw.png
We have beefed up our ANTI AFK detection systems. Instead of adding an annoying captcha, we will be alerted when a player is macroing specific abilities for a duration of time. It will then keep a textual, action, and screenshot log of that players actions. As well it will alert all available staff members about possible AFK resource gathering. So, for your accounts sake, don't do it. It can result in a ban and will absolutely result in losing your items.

You can refresh yourself on UOAlive's Server Policies Here: http://uoalive.com/forum/index.php?threads/server-rules.19/

  • World Bosses! We will have more details soon, but they will be really sweet!
  • More Legendary Dragons.
  • Murderer System(this is a big project so we are still perfecting it)

As always these things may or may not make it into the game but we are moving in this direction and letting you know regardless.
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