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Patch Patch Notes - 11/8/23 Bugs, Undead Commander, Transmogs, Tweaks, QoL


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  • Fix for vet reward choice being different than choice.
  • added "[VeteranRewards" command to pull up choices gump
  • Treasure Chests will no longer spawn mobs for stacked gems, gold, or regs looted.
    • The reason: there were scripts circulating that were giving those who ran them versus those who didn't an unfair monetary advantage over others and were unbalancing a system we worked hard to balance long long ago (as those who have been here for years, know we put a lot of work into not having a massive gold injection with these chests while maintaining the risk vs reward and not going the way of OSI).
  • Treasure chests have a much higher chance to spawn mobs now from picked up loot.
  • Increased reg amount dropped in Stash chests
  • Gold in Treasure chests turned back into Gold instead of Checks again since we were able to prevent that 1 by 1 scripting exploit completely. Which is why they were made checks in the first place.
    The old patch note:
  • Added cure chance to Gift of Renewal (roughly halfway between Cure/Arch Cure; arcane circle improves chances)
  • Improved spellweaving AI for all mobs, including pets
    • Word of Death is only used sub 30% target hp
    • Nature's Fury is favored when solo'ing
    • Gift of Renewal is used to self-heal and self-cure
  • Necroweaver Evil Omen has a chance to inflict a Bleed similar to the heal of a Hemomancer now.
  • fixed Necroweaver and Hemomancer bleed to actually be max damage 12.
  • Bleed on Bandage for Necroweaver and Hemomancer now have a 8ish second cooldown before they can apply again.
  • Both the Bandage and Evil Omen bleed have been adjusted
    • the top end DMG amount has been lowered
    • the percentage that the bleed procs has been lowered substantially
    • fixed an issue where the bleed was stacking unintentionally
  • Reworded the message you get when you begin to bleed to reflect you are doing these Blood Sacrifices intentionally, not as if you are being clumsy.
  • Improved magery AI for all mobs, including pets (UO-CAH is no longer accurate in describing pet spellcasting capabilities (they list a bunch of stuff as not working, like magery pets never using fireball, which we have fixed or changed))
    • untamed/untrained mobs will arch cure self if they can and need to
    • fixed necromage using evil omen (fixed conflict with undead pet commander changes)
    • necromage can try to summon vengeful spirit
    • removed useless cast of invisibility while in combat
    • added range consideration when choosing to use harm spell
    • magery mastery improved
      • better self-buffing spells
      • death ray used only when in melee and casting creature is not as likely to move
      • added ethereal burst as an option when out of mana
      • necromage AI is now an extension of magery mastery
  • Adding a Pet Lost and Found. Get your lost pets back from dungeons, or horrible parenting, instead of doing the walk of shame. (great suggestion from @Blue ) (We will add it to all places where there is a pet rez stone)
  • Increased Global Chat spam threshold to get less false positives.
  • Modified the pricing structure for utilizing the Transmog Dress form to dynamically align with the attributes of the selected item. The cost now corresponds to the quality of the item, increasing with superior items. This ensures that as you progress through better items, the transmogrification of lower-level items is more affordable, facilitating a more customizable journey.
  • Fixed crash with Vendor Sale History
  • fixed a crash with treasure maps and world placement
  • fixed focus target for creatures summoned by other creatures
  • fixed AI selection for mystic or spellweaving phoenix
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