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Patch Patch Notes 12/29/2023 - Guild Damage / Last patch of the year!


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The last patch of the year.
It is only fitting if it is followed with a 2023 recap and look forward to 2024 which can be read here:

Also don't forget the Holiday Events and Holiday Sov Sale are going on through Jan 1st:

  • Important: we have enabled the Dye Tub Changes we discussed earlier in the year for 2024 now that there has been time to digest, full details here: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/dye-tubs-changes-for-2024.1812/ You can also read more about this in the 2023 Recap.
  • Disabled Guild and Alliance Damage from fellow guild/ally members and their pets.
  • Adjusted Phoenix Spawn Rates for Unprecedented Rarity
Due to recent internal code changes affecting phoenix drops, adjustments have been made to align the code with in-game spawner drop chances. The unintended de-synchronization with existing in-game spawners inadvertently led to a 50% increase in the rarity of phoenix spawns.To clarify, if a spawn was initially designed with a 0.05% chance, it accidentally decreased to a mere 0.025% chance or more. This unintentional rarity surge goes beyond a healthy rate and makes obtaining phoenixes excessively time-consuming, rather than a worthy achievement.This patch corrects the accidental increase in rarity, emphasizing that phoenix spawns now remain exactly where they should in the Legendary drop rate compared to all Legendary creatures. Obtaining these Legendary creatures will be an extraordinarily difficult task, as originally intended, but will not be impossible as mistakenly introduced. (we respect both rarity and your real life time)
  • Shadow Wyrm now has a Legendary Variant that will spawn, we had to tweak the Shadow Wyrms a bit and finally found a happy place for both a Legendary and Rare Variant. They will look the same, stats will be different.
  • Disabled ability to trash or use Clean Up Britannia chest on Shrunken Pets and Special Resource Containers
  • We are super happy to report, initial statistics from our latest backend addition to the server, has been a huge success in not only nearly obliterating hitches, but reduced overall ping, simultaneously creating better connections across the board for most players by a factor of nearly 45% while maintaining safety measures! This was a huge breakthrough for UOAlive and it’s proprietary systems. We will continue to monitor the progress, but so far this latest update has far exceeded what we thought would just be a medium sized step in a larger process.(hence the very small patch note about it) Please continue to keep us updated on your own personal experiences in ⁠connection-issues as all information helps and lead us to this exponential adjustment to overall enhancements for your gameplay and experience on UOAlive.
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