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Patch Patch Notes 12/8/23


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- Throw snow while mounted.
- Throw snowballs at anyone, even if they do not have one.
- This includes yourself lol...
- Fix: Small bods that take containers, can no longer take a container with items in it. You will now get an error and need to remove all items.
- Changed Community Rune Library name to UOAlive Community Center and Reporter Headquarters since it does so much more than runes.
- Added Metallic and Regular Beverage Dye Tubs (works on Containers that hold drinks)
- We have moved the events announcement channel to be interactive threads for each event! See the new format and participate in them now here: #🎈┃events
- Another adjustment to see if we can help to reduce latency even further for players who have experienced it.
- As of this moment IDOC Tendrils to locate homes are continuing to stay off, we are working on a better version of this to reduce performance issues we found. Seperate from above note. You can still find houses with the IDOC finder and the good ole fashioned house clicking method 🙂
- IDOC houses will still have their explosions and lightning and such within the 3 hour falling window. So you can look for that too!
- Fixed a bug with Christmas items showing the wrong year.
- Fixed the crash from today
- Improved how Vendor Tiles work (backend)
- Removed a few 'sensitive' words that were blocking legit names
- Adjusted some of the Christmas Quest Text to be more in line with the tasks
- Activated the Christmas Present Boxes for Paragons.
- Fixed some of the snowy lamppost names (backend)
- adj starting abilities for legendary phoenix based on their skills and AI
- Fix: Kraken Trophy turning into a Gorilla with the Housing tool
- Adjusted Christmas stuff for 2023
- "this item must be in your backpack to use" (reworded for container rename tool)
- Rooftop access to the New Haven Building by the bank has been added.