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Patch Notes 12.9.16


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Tamable Animals : Some major balance changes have been put into effect here. We wanted the tamable to be used for different utilities as well as having their actual graphic represent their actual power. If you have to be on foot with the tamable it should be stronger than the ones you can ride, but also have it's strengths and weaknesses to so you will want to have a few in the stables for different scenarios.

(Due to the nature of these balance changes, we are allowing you a 3 day grace period, as of this patch 12/9/16, to have your bonding deed refunded if you used one(yes we can check in the logs), and we will require you release your current animal and the bonding deed will be placed in your bag. This will only apply to those with the animals listed below.)

Ride-able Wolves have been Adjusted:

  • Removed heal effect
  • Reduced Many stats
  • Reduced control slots to compensate
This tamable was meant to be near nightmare stats not higher than a dragon. It is now in line.

The Tiger has been Adjusted:
  • Faster attack speeds
  • Requires more control slots
  • Higher damage
  • Lower health
  • Female's Can be healed with Vet(lighter color)
  • Males Can be healed by Healing(darker color)
This tamable was meant to be a high dps low health fighter. It has been adjusted to be in line with that now. Base damage is stronger than a nightmare but has less defense.

Legendary Dragons, we aren't going to get into specifics but overall ideology for these being legendary.
All legendary dragons are supposes to have very strong strengths and very specific weaknesses.

The ones people have found so far:

Life Steal Dragon:
Adjusted stats on this dragon to be more tanky but do less overall damage but still surpass the damage of a dragon overtime. It will now iphone more life on special ability.

Poison Dragon:
This dragon has less physical attack ability but has been given a huge buff to it's ability to poison it's target. It can do massive poison damage!

We will post more info on other legendary dragons when they spawn or are found.

Added a new Legendary Dragon to the new Dungeon.

Animal Lore:
Now works on all animals.

Monsters no longer flee when low damage.
Fixed champ spawn parameters for gating and recall.

The Holiday month long event will begin on Sunday 12/11/16
Details here: http://uoalive.com/forum/index.php?...ty-or-nice-holiday-event-sunday-12-11-16.351/

Patch Notes 12.11.16

Various tweaks to drops and mobs for the first wave of the Holiday Event:
We toned down the gifts dropped but the coal is the same so you can hand in coal for turn ins for cool holiday gifts at the stone in the holiday base. Remember this event lasts until Jan 4th!

and Kirins both got some balance adjustments to bring them closer to being viable for PvE and PvP, but they will not be one creature wonders, they will work well as support.

Adjusted it to make it so your journey from 95-100 will not be as difficult.
Gaining from 95-100 will be much better by using paragon chests!


Armor Sets:
these specific armor sets will either be PvP sets as gold sinks or part of quests lines. When you get all pieces of the armor sets they will add additional bonuses and change color!

World Bosses: These bosses will spawn around the world and will announce themselves to the population when they invade. They will happen on their own and will have the chance to drop brand new artifacts.
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