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Patch Patch Notes 2/23/24 - All the Taming!


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Well this patch is def a good one for Tamers. So enjoy!

First the Changelog:
  • Removed Exceptional Requirements from all Cooking Bods as a QoL.
  • Adjusted the entrance to Tokuno's Death Ice Island to prevent housing so there is no unfair advantage to players who do own a home there.
  • Removing Majority of Red/Murderer Restrictions (buy that murder potion with peace of mind)
    • Price lowered for both potions to be more in line with RP.
  • Phoenix Adjustment Part 2. This restart will complete last weeks patch to bring legendarys to intended properties after the first save.
  • Remove Moongate Confirmation Gump to Felucca since this is a PvE Server.
  • Fix exploit with alterations and salvaging. - Thank you for that report (PLEASE open a ticket, you get a bounty for this one!) @rice invader
  • Fix exploit with claiming stabled Undead Commanded Creatures without mastery. (please open a ticket, you get a bounty for this one!)
  • Really fix ferret Shrink icon
  • Squirrel Shrink Icon Corrected
  • Triceratops Shrink Icon Corrected
  • Change the Serpentine Dragon to Shrink to the proper Icon as well
  • Adding Two New Stuffys. One to celebrate the Three Stone Anniversary and one for the Chinese New Year "Year of the Dragon" this weekend.
  • Added a "boss" to the new player dungeon encounter on the second floor to give the feeling of "finality" to beating it.
  • Heckles has finally be found(it's bad news)
    Screenshot 2024-02-23 152332.png
  • Don't forget to login tomorrow to get your Special Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon Drop!
  • Oh and don't forget to read this if you have an Exploit or Critical bug report to submit, it is different than posting a bug report to the forums:
Ok Tamers... here ya go:
  • Added Matte Red Pet Dye to the Magincia Stone Exchange
    Screenshot 2024-02-23 152844.png

  • Added Big Bird Yellow Pet Dye to Magincia Stones.
    Screenshot 2024-02-23 144912.png
New Tames (please add info as you find them to the Wiki!):
  • The Serpentine Dragon Stuffy for Chinese New Year Drop is now a Legendary creature to be tamed! Get to murdering! This creature is not statted like any other pet you have seen yet. It is a hybrid of sorts. Enjoy the hunt!
    Screenshot 2024-02-23 122437.png
  • Added the new Rideable Undead Ossein Rams. These new creatures can be found in, well the place where you find undead! Can't give you all the info up front, but as you find them feel free to make a wiki.
    • There are 6 Exquisite Color Hues
    • There are 3 Rare types
    • And there is ONE Legendary
  • Added a Ride-able Triceratops that now roams TerMur! This will be a mixture of a Triceratops as you know it and a Cusidhe!

  • Added Rare and Legendary Variants of the Firesteed.

  • Added a new hue to the Rare Nightmare Variant
    Screenshot 2024-02-23 153008.png
    Screenshot 2024-02-23 145032.png

  • Bane Dragons and Wildfire Ostards have been completely re-worked and now function like they do on OSI(except better). This should actually make these pets much more fun to utilize! You will need to tame new versions of these for them to have the new systems added!
    • The stew they need to recharge has also been reduced GREATLY.
  • 1708721243374.png
  • Add these new tames to the Summon table for Summoner.
  • Many of the higher end tames will require 120 taming due to their intensity level. This includes but not limited to: Legendaries and Charlies. (we believe this to be a fair trade off for obtaining these pets and will open up other pets as more viable "progression" pets for the "meta". All pets are and still will be balanced toward the content on UOAlive, not against one another. All pets are viable options. Some just require more effort.
  • Many tames have had their Wiki entries updated to have all the information!
  • IDOC'd or Condemned houses will no longer allow you to unlock, unsecure, or remove addons once in that state to prevent griefing of the community #🪅┃idocs efforts. This is to prioritize active players, not those who snipe.
  • Fix for the crash from earlier with some backend code.
  • Added Rideable Triceratops to Summons
  • Fixed (finally) ghost followers at the core. (we reproduced it yay!)
  • Event Portals for EM team implemented
  • Murderer Outliers adjusted more
    • Escortables will heal you.
    • Moonstones will work
    • You should be able to cast on a murderer without being guard wacked.
    • Murderers can use virtues
  • All Firesteeds get Inferno from feedback.
  • Updated all wiki pages for tamables with actual statistics
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