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Patch Patch Notes - 3/15/24 Hiding, QoL, and much more! (also a sneak peak into what's coming!)


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And here is a sneak peak on what is coming very soon, a new Milestone for UOAlive! A lot of people put a great amount of effort into this on the Team.


Without further Ado:


  • Adjusted the Soul Stone Reset item in Magincia further:
    • If account owner owns the stone no action is taken.
    • If account owner doesn't own stone and stone is empty charge 100 sovs and resets and rebinds stone.
    • If account owner doesn't own stone and stone has skills charge 100 Sovs and rsets and rebinds stone.
We originally didn't want to charge for this, but in order to make sure this is not abused and kept fair for the economy and players alike, we had to add a small fee.
  • Pad of Cusidhe now have new functionality:
    • Pads of Cusidhe Make it so the Cusidhe do not aggro on you
    • Attacking a Cusidhe with the Pads on will but them in your pack and cause a lot of damage to you as a plater make you aggro-able again.
    • Pads of the Cusidhe allow you to walk without any Quick Sand effect through the Twisted Weald Area.
  • Fixed Blackrock creatures (bane dragon, wildfire ostard) self-poisoning when sacrificing their own health for abilities like force of nature
  • adj the messaging around forced dismount, from abilities like the ronin's riding swipe, to be more clear when you can't remount
  • The entrance to Murder Bear Island has been sealed off by decree of Lord British and his full Navy to prevent the escape of powerful creatures that were razing the fields of the villagers and their lands!
  • Phoenix Spawns and other spawns are now properly sharing the spawners with the mobs around the area, this means, by kiting mobs away(versus killing them), you may be lowering your chance to spawn the rare+ variants you want.
  • Mobs will now properly teleport back to their "home" if they are kited too far beyond it and have not been engaged with/or cannot get "home".
  • Increased the taming chance of a 120 req pet at 120 Taming/120 Lore by around 5% at first to see how this feels. (this would also be relative on the pets required taming, basing this percentage off a 120, again lower tame requirements will make that percentage shoot up higher). In testing this took around 25ish clean tame attempts without angering.
  • Loyalty for pets at 120: If you have a pet that drops below 80/90% loyalty, your commands will start to make it loose more and more loyalty over time. Spamming will tank em. This is when you should feed said pet. Now if you have a pet at 80/90% all commands will raise loyalty keeping it nice and happy.
  • Added a set of Orcish Earrings that will have the powers as that of an Orcish Kin Mask, giving you temporary non aggro status to orcs. This will open up new RP for players who wish to not hide their face in orc skin, and wish to be an "orc" but in a different role. (Magincia Stone Exclusive Essentials)
  • added some new Orc deco items to the Magincia Deco Stone
  • Added Cosmic Blue and Matte Blue Dye Hue for Mounts on the Magincia Stones
    Screenshot 2024-03-13 153635.png
  • Hiding Changes:
    After careful consideration and listening to your valuable feedback in Sanity Check, we're implementing some adjustments to the hiding mechanics within our game. Here's why:

    Promoting Accountability: In our game environment, where PvP isn't a primary concern, 'Greyed out' visibility while hidden serves to deter undesirable behaviors such as eavesdropping, location blocking, or location monitoring, promoting player accountability and encouraging what UOAlive has and always will stand for: Team Work and Community!

    Ensuring an Undisturbed PvE Experience:
    Hiding predominantly enhances PvE tactics and role-playing immersion. It's important to note that this adjustment doesn't compromise the core functionality of hiding, which remains intact for its primary purposes such as evading creature aggro or taking a quick break. Think of hiding now, more like "vanish" in World of Warcraft or "Ninja Vanish" like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    disappear peace out GIF by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    All hiding functionalities remain unchanged, maintaining that hidden players cannot be affected by either negative or positive actions.

    Emphasizing Visibility: We believe in emphasizing accountability over anonymity in our game world. Complete invisibility while stealthing around town is unnecessary in our PvE-focused environment, with alternatives such as utilizing Ghost form(being dead) available for role-playing purposes.

    Situational Awareness and AFK: It's crucial to exercise caution when choosing hiding spots, particularly to avoid potential danger from area-of-effect spells or monster attacks. Remember, even while hidden(pre and post changes), you remain vulnerable to damage from monsters. So, make wise decisions about where you hide to protect your character's well-being, as ALWAYS.

    Remaining Open to Feedback: While implementing a system where players become invisible to others during stealth is technically feasible, we see it as over-engineering for a niche need. However, we're open to feedback and willing to make adjustments if there's a demonstrated demand for such features in the future.

    As a small team, we deliberated over the argument of "Maintaining Server Accountability" as a poor design decision. However, collectively, we've concluded that this adjustment allows us, as a small team, to prioritize enhancing gameplay and introducing exciting additions, rather than investing excessive time in tickets, policing, and reports. We've always relied on the community for self-moderation, and your dedication in this regard is truly valued and appreciated.

    We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to create a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all our players. Here are the changes:
    • Removed the ability to hide in Shadow Guard. FIGHT SOLDIER!!! Ninjitsu will not be effected. (this will help deal with exploitations we would prefer to just prevent than police)
    • Players can now see other players when they are hidden(they will be greyed out and unable to be interacted with, I.E. revealing or healing them) This allows for easier navigation of the world and more player awareness versus GM policing. As a pure PvE server this change should only effect accountability not gameplay.
Peter Falk Detective GIF by PeacockTV

  • There will no longer be stamina loss in towns for shoving through other players/npcs. This includes HEARTWOOD With all the little birdies!
    • Increased spawn percentage of Heartwood mushrooms.
    • Brought back the Heartwood Birdies!
  • Are you tired of being body blocked on Recall and Gate Travel? Is someone intentionally or unintentionally blocking the rune library? NO MORE! Body Blocking has been removed from recalling and gate travel.
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