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Patch Patch Notes 3/22/2024 - Misc


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  • If a pet cannot use a carrot to reset their skills then it will say "[Cannot Carrot]" in the lore screen. Just as some information tidbits, the only creatures that cannot be reset, are those that were trained prior to March 23rd 2023. If you get a pet that is from say, June 1st 2018 and hasn't been trained, the minute you train it, it builds a profile. This allows the carrot to be used. Only pets trained prior to that date cannot use a carrot.
  • Removed Aura of Energy From Eowmu(retains Tail Swipe). Reserved for upcoming Astral Creatures. Remaining ones will be grandfathered.
  • Fixed Z axis on East Facing Orcish Banners
  • Incremental Adjustment to Taming Chance of 120 Creatures with 120/120
  • Fix: add Sacred Journey to "travel even if blocked" list
  • Remove guards from Trammel Papua and Delucia
  • Soul Stones returned to IDOC loot since you can now reset them in Magincia
  • When Searching Min Dexterity for a Pet it will now show proper results.
  • Add Evil Hue Lanterns to transmog Stone in Magincia

  • NPC Backend stuff
    • NPCs no longer visible when hidden
    • NPCs names no longer show strange characters in their names
    • NPCS now have an [NPC] Tag infront of their name and below it and will show up Purple.
    • GM's can now use the NPC Commands (backend stuff)