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Patch Patch Notes 3/29/24


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  • Adjusting the cost of Sovereigns to account for player gold in the world. We do this once a year around this time until we equalize, then bring it back down. We always increase by 50%. Thanks for understanding this is important to a healthy economy. (we never want to be like OSI)
    • 1000: 1,500,000
    • 500: 750,000
    • 250: 375,000
    • 100: 150,000
    • 50: 75,000
    • 25: 37,500
  • Fixed a few outliers in shadowguard and hiding.
  • Fixed a bug in the twisted Weald that was creating too many mobs too quickly
  • Added some backend items for future events
  • adjusted accuracy of "Cannot Carrot" tag in lore gump
  • Moved the New player ticket armor quest givers to the front of the bank for easier accessibility / visibility:
  • (unrelated to the above reasoning) Adjusted Corpse Summoner to no longer retrieve your gold(if you use the summoner on your corpse with the gold, you will lose the gold to the summoner "You will have to pay a price" now has meaning.

    Too many people are losing their items due to not using insurance because getting their corpse with the riches they acquired was too easy. Price also adjusted. This service is supposed to be a last resort because "I can't make the run back" NOT a "let's not insure and just farm for days" mechanic. We do expect a slight adjustment curve to this one. "Go bags" for when you die in your home to get some gear to fight back to your corpse are a good idea!
    Clarity for those asking:
    1: Corpse Summoner charges a flat rate of 15k to get your corpse.
    2: If you utilize the corpse summoner and there is gold on your corpse it will eat it as a payment to the corpse summoner. (It will still retrieve all items sans gold on your corpse)
    3: if you run to your corpse and don’t use the summoner you get all your stuff back as usual.

Even more clarification on the corpse Summoner

You have zero chance to lose gear still post change.
1: Corpse Summoner Cost changed from 8k to 15k to be more in line with a fully insured set but still below by
quite a bit.
2: All that is removed from the corpse if you do use the summoner is gold earned in that run. You can carry
Bags of sending and other tools to get that gold back to your bank other ways.
3: If you do not use the summoner, you can still corpse run like normal or use insurance to make sure you
gear that is potentially millions NEVER gets lost EVER.
4: If you do use the summoner and had NOTHING insured, it still gets all that gear back.

What was happening prior to this adjustment was a dive-in-and-die-repeat cycle. It was cheaper to use
the summoner than insure gear. So no one used insurance and often times we got help tickets about people
losing everything. This encourages you to be more aware of you items, your bank balance, and your
insurance. It doesn't take away any functionality whatsoever.

What it does do is it makes it so if you wanna make your gold you have to earn it or prepare for a death. A
pre made bag of toss gear to fight back to your corpse in the HALF HOUR you have to retrieve it, asking for
help from people in the online game, or just making sure you have the money in bank to utilize the

All of this is 100% your responsibility as a player and can prevent ANY loss of ANY items 100% of the
time (sans the gold). So even with the changes, unless you don't prepare, you should be just fine.

What this should encourage:
• More Group Play, guilds, partying etc.
• More Planning for your outings.
• A sense of danger.
• Bolstered the player run economy for the different services that are mentioned above, from bags of
sending, middle range armor and weapon sets to use when you need to fight back to your
corpse(although, again, it isn't going to stop items, just gold, so to fight back to your gold, you will have
your items on you if insured already so perhaps bandage and potions bags etc), to hiring out retrieval
services(although most do it for fun and free).
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