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Patch Patch Notes - 4/12/24 - Hemomancer, Necroweaver, Summoner, Hue Transmogger, OH MY! And that's not all!


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Undead Commander: Hemomancer and Necroweaver Major Glow Up

Undead Commander Adjustements:
  • Reduce incoming damage to Undead Summons by 10% across the board.
  • 3 New Undead Summons to Tame
    • Bone Construct (100% phsical damage and chance for extra dex)
    • Rotspawned Daemon (75% poison 25% physical Damage and chance for extra int)
    • Marrow Maw (25% poison bonus and chance to get extra hitpoints)
      Screenshot 2024-04-10 222027.png
Hemomancer Adjustments


  • Bleeds from healing are now weapon skill dependent and should greatly help the less used weapons become way more viable!
    • Swords:
      • Bleed Damage from Bandaging: 5-13
      • Ticks Possible per Bandage: 1-3
      • Percentage Chance that Bleed will Occur: 50%
    • Archery, Throwing:
      • Bleed Damage from Bandaging: 4-12
      • Ticks Possible per Bandage: 1-3
      • Percentage Chance that Bleed will Occur: 45%
    • Fencing:
      • Bleed Damage from Bandaging: 5-11
      • Ticks Possible per Bandage: 1-3
      • Percentage Chance that Bleed will Occur: 40%
    • Macing:
      • Bleed Damage from Bandaging: 6-12
      • Ticks Possible per Bandage: 1-2
      • Percentage Chance that Bleed will Occur: 40%
Necroweaver Adjustments


  • Change to bleed by casting Evil Omen reduced by 3% for a total of 13% chance (evil 13!)
    • Damage reduced to 5-13 per tick from 6-14
  • Animate Undead will now take 50% of your life on Rez of an Undead instead of 80%
  • Animate Undead: On Rez Sacrifices 50% player life and then heals the undead pet for 150% of that life. Blood for Blood.
  • Gift of Renewal now gives a base of 20 Healing Per tick (flat) ONLY if you are a necroweaver healing an Undead Pet, if you have animal taming(even through jewelry) it will give the normal focus/skill/formula. This should help significantly with survivability to allow necroweavers to cast offensively more rather than just manage health bars.
  • Gift of Renewal Timer down to 45 Seconds from 60 to recast to make it less chaotic for Necroweavers and swap to second pet.
  • Gift of Renewal Poison is now Greater Poison instead of Lesser with a 75% chance to inflict a 1 tick of 10-15 bleed damage.
YouTube Previews for the above:
Screenshot 2024-04-13 135704.png

Summoner Adjustments


  • Rising Colossus Summon Duration Extended by 30 Seconds+-(depending on skills)
    • Target where you wish to summon the colossus now, instead of at your feet.
  • Summon Creature Summon Duration increased by 90 seconds+-(depending on skills)
  • Summons now Recall or Sacred Journey with their masters
  • Animated Weapon has been buffed, now has Armor Pierce, and will do more damage, but you need to keep it behind a colossus as it has a high probability of dispel chance due to damage output.
  • Spell Trigger can now be used to give you a Pocket Colossus!
    Screenshot 2024-04-09 231544.png
  • Added "Energy Types" to the Rising Colossus at 120 mysticism and 120 spellweaving
    • You will be able to choose before you summon if Physical, Energy, Cold, Fire, and Poison.
      Screenshot 2024-04-09 233541.png
      Screenshot 2024-04-11 123129.png
    • They all use the different spell sets from Mysticism, Magery, Necromancy to Spellweaving's UOAlive smarter AIs!
    • Cold = Mysticism
    • Poison = Necromancy
    • Magma = Spellweaving(wildfire)
    • Energy = MageryMastery
    • Physical = No Change
  • Arcane Fiend will now be as powerful as Arcane Fey. This was majorly unbalanced in favor of the pixies. IMPS FOR LIFE!!!
Greater Elemental SummonsWhen you have 120 mysticism and 120 spellweaving you will now summon the Greater version of your respective elemental from the magery spells!
  • Greater Earth Elemental - Double All Stats / Special Abilities: Crushing Blow
  • Greater Air Elemental - Double All Stats / Special Abilities: Lightning Force, Conductive Blast
  • Greater Fire Elemental - Double All Stats / Special Abilities: Inferno, Searing Wounds
  • Greater Water Elemental - Double All Stats / Special Abilities: Cold Winds, Aura Damage
  • Greater Daemon - Double All Stats / Special Abilities: True Fear, Searing Wounds, Essense of Disease. Resistances: Extra Fire Resist, Fire and Poison Damage increase 50% each.
    Screenshot 2024-04-10 224304.png



  • Add Bento Lunch Box for 50% food weight reduction. Bring your lunch to ANY Dungeon in Style! (Coming soon: available in HelloKitty and Power Rangers, April 1st 2025)
    • When empty it will be the Empty Bento Box graphic. When food is added it will change to reflect.
    • Known issue (cannot drag food onto to put in)
      Screenshot 2024-04-09 034421.png
  • Skittles are no longer stackable to avoid confusion.
  • Time til full hunger will now range from 90 minutes to 124. It was previously 80 minutes.
  • The audio emote will now only trigger 50 % of the time if a miss was caused by hunger. The textual clue will always show.
  • Added a bunch more textual variants to "Im hungry"
  • Added A Hue Transmogger to the Magincia Exchange, now you can change the hue of EVERY item you can wear to fit your needs easier!
    Screenshot 2024-04-09 173557.png
  • You can also purchase one of these for yourself off the Transmog Stone itself.
  • Lowered and equalized the cost of Custom Cloth Stone cloth across the board.
  • Added the BUNCH of the ⁠Transmog Cloth Vendor Stone suggestions https://discord.com/channels/221645501806804993/1225101484572545044 to compliment the new Hue Transmogger.
  • Incrementally increased tame chance for 120/120 again. We are almost there.
  • Adjusted the elemental damages for the Mythical Unicorn to not go over 100% it is now 25% Physical and 75% Poison. Thank you Team Skittles for the assist.
  • Fixed An issue with training profiles for Mythical Black Unicorn and Necromancy not being avaible. Chivalry was removed.
  • Adjusted the elemental damages of the Legendary Serpentine. This will actually make them even more unique as we have equalized their elemental damage across all 4 elements! (THEY WILL PERFORM BETTER) Before it was just physical which wasn't intentional as it is a caster type. Plus with the last patches AI fixes it will synergize great. Changes are retroactive.
Friendly Reminder: In every game, adjustments to elements like weapons or mechanics are inevitable. Due to its older design, Ultima Online (UO) handles these tweaks differently. When we replace a pet, it's not a simple code change and it pushes that value to you everytime; rather, it's a sometimes a less efficient solution causing manually adjustment. This is a limitation of older software meeting modern concepts. Appreciate you all understanding.

  • Added extra protection methods for vendors if Demolishing, Resizing, or Changing a House. It will now prevent any of those actions if you do not remove the vendors first.
  • Vengeful Spirit (Revenant) now follows it's targets and can be commanded.
  • Fixed Gold Stats When Enhancing : Physical +2 Fire +2 Cold +3 Poison 0 Energy +3
Huge thank you to to QTPI and members Blump, Mandlar, Mike for the help testing this over the last week! Could not have done it without them. Amazing feedback.
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Updates 4/13/24:
  • If your skill is not high enough to use the elemental colossus you will not get the popup gump.
  • Summoner RC will get a hue overhaul. The ones we picked were meh
  • Fixed a summoner issue if you had 120 in one skill but not the other it was summoning the wrong elementals and rising colossus.
  • Command Undead will be slightly more difficult to succeed.
  • The Marrow Maw, Rotspawned, and Bone Construct now have proper stats to balance their buffed stats. I.E. high dex will mean a slightly lower str or int possibility. Click for stats.
  • Added new Undead Command Types(Marrow Maw etc) to Shadow Guard Boss with the Skeletal Dragon.
  • Add Marrow Maw, Bone Construct, Rotspawned Daemon to IDOCS
  • Adjusted the Hue Transferer to work on Weapons, Talisman, Spell Books, Quivers, and Shoes/Sandals
  • Reduced Spawn amount at Abyss Champion (seemed a bit over tweaked)
  • Also adjusted Bonus Tier clock to be longer for Abyss Champion (longer = more time to complete higher rank).
  • Remove ability to use the Help Menu / Stuck commands in Shadowguard to prevent players from circumventing normal exit measures that unbind them from the instance.
  • Fixed a crash related to Shadowguard and using the Help / Stuck menu and then trying to reset the player to be able to do Shadowguard.
  • Extra QoL just cause: Remove Stamina Loss in Houses for Shoving NPCs or other Players
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