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Patch Patch Notes - 4/25/23 - Voids, Lockdowns, Guild Wars, and more!

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  • You will now get a warning message when leaving and entering your home if items are not locked down or secured.
  • Void Creatures now spawn around TerMur as they do on OSI just not in insane amounts that ruined it for OSI and made it too easy. We are monitoring the amount as well and will adjust as need be. This does work like OSI with evolution.
  • Enhanced Client Support for the Scribers Tome has been added. Thanks @Jupp
  • All Gypsy References have been removed from the game to help support the Safe Space environment. The replacement NPCs will be Vagabonds or Travelers moving forward with no reference to Gypsies at all. Not a nickname for them, not a different name for them, just their own set of people.
  • With the interest in the Arena recently, we pushed this change to the forefront to allow even more friendly "PvP encounters for you to partake in. If you are in a guild war, you cannot loot the corpse of an Enemy guild member. This should help to inspire more Guild v Guild events as there is no chance of "accidental" looting and hold true to our "consensual PvP" ruleset. We hope this will inspire more friendly events(jousting, RP wars, etc)
  • Sacrificial Altar will now give you CUB points (it will delete items immediately placed in it unlike a normal house trash barrel so be careful!)
  • A ton of cleanup of the high seas content to help with deletions and erroneous code.
  • Dark Truffle is now stackable.
  • Level 1 Treasure maps now have a slightly different monster spawn than OSI. We removed the Rotting Corpse as it was a bit too difficult. You will now see ettins, ogres, and Orcish lords to make it more spicy.
  • World Broadcasts for Invasions will occur slightly more frequently when active to let people know.
  • Adjusted the end result information to remove erroneous information of invasions.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the graphics on skullswords and staffs when placed, they will still be strange animations cliloced if put into your hand.
  • Tokuno Bounties and Pirate Bounty turn ins are now available at the docks by the Three Stone Tavern.
  • Spiced Salmon has been updated to not show up twice in High Seas
  • Bod rewards for Weapons will now reward gold as intended, we did adjust these numbers to fit UOAlive's economy and they will not match OSI.

  • Fixed the crash from yesterday(hopefully)
  • Pet castle and hitching posts now use the visual gump properly
  • Bond info has been enhanced with it's information:
    Screenshot 2023-04-26 002238.png

    Screenshot 2023-04-26 002300.png

    Screenshot 2023-04-26 002413.png

    Screenshot 2023-04-26 002325.png
  • White Wyrm and Shadow Wyrm cannot spawn as paragon
  • Vendor Search can be used ANYWHERE in the world.
    • To avoid exploits of the nearly 0 upkeep on vendors, all vendors show their items on vendor search if on or off.
  • Added a bunch more rare stealable spawns.
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