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Patch Patch Notes 4 / 28 / 2022

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  • Updated the QoL website page to include recent changes and additions.
  • Animal Lore can be used on Shrunken Pets now. 0 Skill required. (thank you MOAIAP for the assist)
    • We have removed a bunch of info from hover over shrunken pets due to this to alleviate server latency this can cause.
    • You can LORE a pet on a Vendor.
    • You can LORE a pet VIA vendor Search:
    • unknown.png
  • Gate travel and House teleporters can be used while dragging items now. QoL addition.
  • Additional monsters and Rewards have been added to the backend for future content and coming soon (tm) events!

Bug Fixes:
  • Bonded pets will no longer go wild no matter what. They will stop listening to commands if you abuse them, but they cannot go free like a woke version of the Sims.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Global Chat to Discord (HOPEFULLY FIXED FINALLY)
  • Sawmill in Britain can now cut all colored logs
  • Raptor drops the right drops now

  • Higher Percentage for all mobs in the game to drop a statue of themselves. It felt like the drops were too low and this is such a fun feature, wanted more people to experience it.
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