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Patch Notes 4.29.18


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  • Melee will be getting a well deserved buff in PvE this will not effect PvP. But this will make your skills way more viable as well as making it so group makeups and solo play will be fun to mix up.
  • Skill gain was adjusted to not be as quick. Certain skills will raise faster than others depending on the skill. For instance Taming should take about a week to GM now and Fencing 1-2 days. This takes into consideration the organic nature of leveling in a 200% gain dungeon or the Britain crafting area. We wanted skills that give great reward to be earned. And skills that help economy and player questing and interactions to be sought after.
  • We are working on a few more ways to reward Melee for armor choices and progression beyond power scrolls. Will update ya all when we have more closely tested it.
  • Dynamic Loot tables when killing in PvE: this means everyone has a separate loot table if not in a party and gain loot rights to a mob.