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Patch Patch Notes - 4/5/2023 - Hunger, Skittles, and Mythical Unicorns


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  • Tsuki Legendary was changed to the proper 120 taming requirement.
  • Finally implemented the missing Hunger Mechanics to the game. Yes the age old question of "Will I miss more if I don't eat" has been answered. And the Answer is YES!
    • You will see audio and visual queues for when you need to eat. (missing or fizzling does not = hungry, there are specific in game cues)
  • Fix bug with being able to command undead paragons.
  • Added the Mythical Black Unicorn
  • added the craft-able food "Skittles"
  • Added the OSI Ship Wreck Names on Chests from Ancient SoS's (Thanks Hammerhand)
  • Added a purchase-able trash barrel for your home, for those who have.. a lot of trash.. On the Magincia Stones.
  • Added Black Dye for Pets, will not work on Unicorns as there will be a special encounter for Evil Black Unicorns!
  • Added wording to Corpse Summoner to say it will take any gold on corpse.
  • Adjusted Some Healers that were not getting with the program to rez "murderers".
  • added house accessibility check for scroll books (fixes issue in Three Stone Tavern)
  • Added to Engrave-able items:
    • Bread Loaf
    • Pan of Cookies
    • Muffins
    • Coffee
    • Hot Cocoa
  • Added Normal Cake to Natural Dye table
  • We thought long and hard on this one, and sadly, due to not just 1 or a few bad actors, but many, we are reverting the QoL to have Vendor Search Available anywhere. You can only utilize this in a home or guarded area of town from now on. Too many AFK bots utilizing their own vendors to keep the AFK bot running. If macroing wasn't such a core part of UO, this would be a different conversation, but it is here to stay, so we have to adjust around it when exploits become prevalent.
  • Fixed choice for curse spells for Necromage and Magery Mastery
  • Increased chance for buffs and curses
  • Slightly increased chance for single damage spells over combo loops
  • Necromage AI adjustments:
    • use necromancy instead of magery to determine cast speed and power, if necromancy skill value is higher
    • introduced choice to cast a fire spell if the target is afflicted with corpse skin
    • reduced chance to fall back to magery spells, thereby improving overall use of necromancy spells for this AI
    • added fallback to magery summons if necromancy summons don't qualify
    • added necromancy spells to combo loops
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