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Patch Patch Notes - 6/15/23 - Small patch.


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Please remember to check out the milestone patch on Test Center.

  • Jewelry Dye Tub Working as intended
  • Special Backpack Dye Tub
    • Charged Normal Backpack Dye Tub
    • Special Colored Backpack Dye Tubs
    • Ice White Backpack Dye Tub
    • Charcoal Backpack Dye Tub
    • Black Backpack Dye Tub
  • Tailors and Weavers now randomly sell rare cloth color and the color reflected in the menu will be the color you get in your pack! Awesome suggestion on the suggestions board to get it in line with OSI!
  • Chicken Coop retains color of resource used to craft
  • Fixed floating point issue with scrolls of transcendence where it wouldn't apply the scroll if the value ended up being greater than your cap.
  • A new anti AFK resource gathering feature for admins. Please read the server rules and don't do it. We hate banning people for stupid reasons but we value the economy and fair play for everyone on the server.
  • Fixed a crash on vendor search
  • Rope Ladder added to the addons Stone - on next update
  • Fix to backend save propgation
  • Fix to backend archiving process
  • Paragons will spawn in all facets including Malas and Termur
  • Paragons will not be the following:
    • CoraTheSorceress, Peerles, Najasaurus, ShadowWyrms, or anything in Doom.
    • We will also be reducing the total chance of Paragon spawns by a little bit since we are adding it to all facets
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