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Patch Patch Notes - 6/29/2023 - Worth a Read! - New Legendary Tames, Halloween in Summer, Pride comes to an "end", Modern MMO Enhancements!


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We are getting closer to the Harmony of Heroes Release(thanks to those who have been testing it on the test center and feedback, it has all be invaluable!). Info here:
REMEMEBER: Housing decay timers are changing as well. So please mark your calendars for July to make sure to keep up with these changes coming!

Resurrection Revamped with Modern MMO Mechanics!

We have listened to your feedback and made significant improvements to the resurrection mechanics in the game. Here's what you can expect:

1️⃣ Updated Resurrection Gump: Say goodbye to the frustration of finding the right resurrection point. We have added an updated resurrection gump where you can choose to resurrect at the corpse summoner, your house, and even Surveyor John's Campsite. Conveniently resurrect at these designated locations with ease.​
2️⃣ Tracking Arrow for Healers: Need to find the nearest healer? We've got you covered! If you find yourself outside of a dungeon, you can now rely on the tracking arrow to guide you to the closest wandering healer. No more wandering aimlessly in search of healing support, if you choose to walk amongst the dead!​
3️⃣ Improved Corpse Summoner Gump: We understand the annoyance of sifting through empty corpses. With our latest update, the corpse summoner gump will only display corpses that contain more than one item. This means no more wasted time on empty loot!​
We believe these changes will not only streamline your gameplay but also add a touch of modernity to the resurrection mechanics.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to enhance your gaming experience. Happy dying adventuring... ! ✨


  • Added corpse summoner to New Haven by the Anhk
  • Added Pet Rez Stone to New Haven animal taming pens
  • Added Pet Rez Stone by Corpse Summoner in Britain
  • In game save times reduced from 2.1/2.2 seconds to 1.1/1.3s! SUPER SHOUT OUT to the Team!
    • Server Reboot times also reduced by nearly 30-60 seconds!
    • This was done all by maintaining and even adding mob density to the world!
  • Fixed jewelry Dye tub Bug
  • Fixed Skull of Power Talisman for Gargs and Humans
    • Fixed Spawn boundaries for Skull of Power areas
    • Disabled housing in these areas
    • Added an Auto AFK, move to Inn, feature to prevent one person from stopping others from enjoying the event. You will receive a message after a certain amount of time of no activity: "As you appear to be AFK, you have been relocated to allow others to enter the Skull of Power region."
  • New Magincia Trammel Guards have left.
  • Added One Handed & Two Handed weapon filters to Vendor Search
  • Fixed an issue causing Quivers to not show up.
  • Exploit fix where you could reset the chest type during T maps.
  • Crushed Crystals now drop 10% of the time instead of 5%
  • Blessed Britain bank area - benches near river expanded to
  • Adjusted Spawn values for Crystal Sea Serpents, Serpent Nests and Maddening Horrors
  • Added actual fix to hooded robes being worn by gargoyles.
  • added "Price" context menu to player vendors so that owners can change the price/description (left click)

  • added list date to vendors
  • much reduced chance for 0-karma paragons (wild animals, etc)
  • fix for Enhanced Client casting meteor swarm
  • fix for champ PS drop to pack -- if full, drop to bank instead
  • Reduced price permanently on Surveyor John's Campsite to 50 sovs from 100.
  • Reduced withdrawal fee of the CUB points to 25% from 50%.
  • Added Tsuki Wolf to Summoner Class Summon Creature
  • Added Phoenix to Summoner Class Summon Creature
  • Phoenix and Tsuki wolves will not spawn as paragons now.
  • Easter Earrings, now equip able by Gargoyles, similar to the Stonewall Pride Earrings.
  • New courtesy rule added that you are not allowed to set a player at the Housing Assessor to Macro it for IDOCS
    • We have randomized the timer to be usable within a range of every 1 - 5 hours.
  • The Champion Finder has been added to Live as a reward for all the hard testing on the HoH Test Center. Magincia Felucca side. Do not macro this location.
  • Updated the Champion Spawn Altar graphics to represent a "Boss" you are working toward. Also feels very DnD and Miniature. Which just felt right.
Halloween in Summer!
The following events will be turned on for the months of July - August!


Tsuki Wolves - Rare and Legendary Tames!

We want to take a moment to appreciate the incredible suggestion made by one of our players @Kamebos regarding the addition of new rare and legendary creatures. Your input and creativity continue to inspire us to enhance the game experience.

Introducing the Tsuki Wolves, a mesmerizing breed of three-headed werewolves with extraordinary speed and impressive abilities. These creatures have been observed closely, and we believe they have the potential to be a competitive choice among other end-game tames.

After our own internal testing along with @Kamebos, we have discovered a unique combination of magic, skills, and abilities that provide exceptional synergy and survivability. Despite not having the conventional features like being ridable, immune to poison, or possessing healing abilities, these wolves can rival tamable creatures with their strength.

The Rare Tsuki Wolf aligns with the traditional template of rare creatures in UOAlive, while the Legendary Tsuki Wolf boasts higher attributes and a terrifying speed that can outmatch other tames.

Additionally, we have carefully curated color palettes for both the Rare and Legendary Tsuki Wolves. The Rare Tsuki Wolves showcase hues that evoke the essence of a winter wolf, paying homage to their habitat in the Tokuno Island's cold region.

On the other hand, the Legendary Tsuki Wolves exhibit demonic traits, with menacing shades of purple reminiscent of legendary hellhounds.



We invite you to explore these powerful creatures and unleash their potential in your adventures.

We value your feedback, and we are open to discussions and adjustments regarding the stats and skills of these magnificent beasts once people begin to acquire them!

Original Suggestion post:
New Rare Tame-able - The Phoenix:
Introducing the Rare Phoenix variants, each aligned with a master of positive karmic magic: Mysticism, Magery, and Spellweaving. These majestic creatures possess unique attributes and over capped amplifiers, expanding the realm of new build possibilities within each mastery.

Prepare to witness their awe-inspiring presence on the battlefield, with stats ranging from 150 to a staggering 250 for their mastery amplifying skills, unheard of in the taming world. Aspiring tamers, behold the ultimate magical creatures, from the ashes they came, to the ashes they will lay waste to your enemies, wielding devastating power with unrivaled magical glass canon builds to unique AOE setups! To further distinguish their magnificence, each Phoenix variant showcases a distinct hue associated with its corresponding mastery.

We anticipate that this new creature will enhance the variety of pets available for you to choose as your companions in battle! And while we're on the subject of Rising from the Ashes... Keep an eye on two new locations known for their eruptive potential to bring forth such beings, as there have been rumors of more phoenix sightings!


Thank you to @Insanonaut for testing this rigorously with us!
Magincia Magic Stone Exchange:
  • We are implementing these items to provide players with multiple ways to obtain them, either through the Magincia Transmog Stone or via quests. Each item serves a unique purpose and can be equipped in the belt or cloak slot. This is the kind of Parallel progression we believe is healthy!

    Sword Belt:

    Price: 5000 Sovs (5Mil Gold)
    The minimum price reflects its value as a cosmetic-only belt. It can be obtained in one of two ways: Recipe A, a very rare drop from killing Corgul the Soulbinder, or Recipe B, purchased from the Fellowship Vendor using 8 soulbinders. Crafting the belt requires 10 lodestones and a crimson cincture, resulting in a belt with Crimson Cincture stats.

    Dagger Belt:
    Price: 5000 Sovs (5Mil Gold)
    Similar to the Sword Belt, the minimum price for the Dagger Belt reflects its cosmetic nature. It can be acquired through Recipe A, a rare drop from killing Charybdis, or Recipe B, purchased from the Fellowship Vendor. Crafting the belt requires 10 lodestones and a crimson cincture.

    Mace Belt:
    Price: 5000 Sovs (5Mil Gold)
    The Mace Belt follows the same pattern as the previous two belts. It can be obtained through Recipe A, a rare drop from killing Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer, or Recipe B, purchased from the Fellowship Vendor. Crafting the belt requires 10 lodestones and a crimson cincture.

    Tapered Cloak (Cloak of Humility):
    Price: 500 Sovs(500K gold)
    This visually distinct cloak can be obtained by completing the Humility Virtue Armor Cloak quest. The quest involves various tasks, including making donations, wearing the given cloak while speaking to specific NPCs, rejecting a reward, and finally taking the cloak to the shrine of humility. The minimum price reflects the effort required to complete the quest and the cloak's value as a unique item.

    By offering both alternative methods of acquisition and engaging quests, we aim to provide players with diverse opportunities to obtain these items and enhance their gameplay experience.
  • Added the Jawbone to the Halloween Stone.
  • Added New Ethereal Hue Clothes and Items to the Magincia Stone

  • Added New Stoves to the Deco items (seen during the Great Britain Bakeoff!)
  • Added Gargoyle Versions of everything for the Holy Grain Quest and Skull of Power Rewards
  • Added Metallic Soulstone Dye Tub
  • Added Picnic Basket to Magincia Stones
  • Changed wording and layout of Transmog Dressform "Retain Hue" buttons to be clearer.
  • The gig is up.. The Shady Carrot Dealer has been located... Doesn't mean it will be easy to get to him though, his roided out rabbits are something to behold...
    Also looks like the rabbits are laying carrots again and the supply chain shortage is over(if only eggs would get the memo)!! Buy as many as you can carry!
Pride Month is drawing to an end, but that doesn't mean UOAlive will ever stop celebrating diversity!
From the @TheTownFool
For our final drop of the month, we remember a historic event!

In honor of Pride Month and to commemorate the historic Stonewall events, we are delighted to introduce the "Stonewall Remembrance Earrings". These special earrings, initially granting +54 luck, serve as a poignant reminder of the significant impact and lasting legacy of the Stonewall movement 54 years ago in 1969.

The Stonewall Inn holds a sacred place in LGBTQ+ history, representing a pivotal moment of resilience, courage, and activism. The Stonewall Remembrance Earrings symbolize our collective remembrance of the struggles faced by the LGBTQ+ community and the ongoing fight for equality and acceptance.

What makes these earrings truly special is their unique ability to add 1 point of luck each year, reflecting the passage of time since the historic events. As we commemorate each anniversary, the luck attribute of the earrings will steadily increase, embodying the progress we have made and our unwavering commitment to advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.

By wearing the Stonewall Remembrance Earrings in the game, players not only enhance their luck but also express their solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. These earrings are a symbol of remembrance, celebration, and support, fostering a safe and inclusive environment within UOAlive.

Let us honor the spirit of Stonewall, celebrate the vibrant diversity of our community, and stand united in our pursuit of equality and acceptance. Wear the Stonewall Remembrance Earrings proudly as a testament to our shared journey and unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive world.

Human and Gargoyle approved! (Just equip on your character and they will swap automatically depending on race)


This will be active June 30th for 24 hours.

As Pride Month comes to a close at UOAlive, we want to emphasize that the spirit of inclusiveness and creating a safe space for everyone extends far beyond this dedicated month. While we celebrated and honored the LGBTQ+ community throughout June, our commitment to diversity and acceptance remains steadfast every day of the year.

We hope that during this Pride Month, you not only enjoyed the exciting events and special drops but also took the opportunity to learn and grow. UOAlive serves as a platform for education, awareness, and understanding, where players can come together and embrace the vibrant tapestry of identities and experiences.

Remember, the end of Pride Month does not signify the end of our efforts. We carry the values of inclusivity, respect, and support with us throughout the year. Let us continue to celebrate our differences, learn from one another, and foster a community that embraces diversity in all its forms.

Thank you for being part of UOAlive, where the journey of acceptance never ceases. Together, we can make every day a celebration of unity and understanding. We eagerly anticipate a future where the acceptance of human beings simply stems from their shared humanity. In the meantime, we are committed to standing alongside and supporting those who may not be granted the same "rights" as the rest of us.

All fixes, changes, and patches are done as a Team. Remember to tell the team what you enjoyed as well as what we broke in Patch Feedback on Discord!
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So very cool to see the wolves coming into the game this quickly! Thank you for your work and glad you liked the suggestion! Currently testing out a multitude of pet abilities to see if any cool combinations can be made. Hope to get back to you soon with more ideas!
Holy cow, look at this book of patch notes! I love it!

You guys are amazing and have put in so much for this shard. I'm thankful I can play and enjoy the fruits of your labor.