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Patch Patch Notes - 7/13/23 - World Vendors, Vendor Malls, Battle Ostards, Universal Obarding Care, and more!


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We are getting VERY CLOSE to the Harmony of Heroes Release(thanks to those who have been testing it on the test center and feedback, it has all be invaluable!). Info here:
REMEMEBER: Housing decay timers are changing as well. So please mark your calendars for July to make sure to keep up with these changes coming!

Future Vendor Mall Owners Rejoice!

  • Friends and Co-Owners can now place vendors in another players home. Bring on the Vendor Malls!
    • Vendors can now be accessed & managed by any character on the same account that placed it.
    • You can now place vendors at houses that you are a co-owner or friend of.
    • image.png

      NOTE: Owners and Co-owners of the home will have limited access to manage vendors on the property and will otherwise act like normal vendors you don't own.(see image below). Friends will have access to their vendor only.
World Vendor Changes
  • 1 World Vendor PER Account: Each player will be limited to 1 World Vendor per account. Please remember that this limit is automatically enforced in the code. With the ability to have up to 3 accounts on UOAlive, you can potentially have up to 3 World Vendors in total. This has been raised from the previous limit of 2. (This applies to any vendor not in a home I.E. Magincia, Britain, New Haven Vendor Markets (the little rugs))
  • Updated the server rules to reflect the change
Universal Obarding Care

  • Added Universale Obarding CareBarding Deeds.
  • Added crafted by, Resource Type, and Exceptional Marks to the Universal Barding Deeds
  • Added a new Bard-able creature: The Battle Ostard (found in Termur!)
  • All Bard-able creatures are now IDENTICAL in stats. So pick the one you like the look of, not the stats!
  • Removed Horse Barding "deed" from CUB added it to the Magincia Stones named as it should be "Silver Horse Armor Deco"
  • fix for vendor reprice context menu entry
  • @anathemort beat me to the patch notes entries for this week.
  • Updated the house owner gump and fixed entries that weren't populating properly.
  • Fixed bug that allowed treasure chests being dug up to be reset.
  • Fixed the Cartography bonus for Legendary Mapmaker's Glasses
  • glacial/ice staves now rotatable
  • Added Sales History to the Vendor Search Confirm Buy screen. Lists the 10 most recent purchases.
  • Quivers can be Transmogged to Cloak Slots and Vice versa.
  • Added Metallic Light Source Dye Tub to the Magincia Stones. You can dye Hold-able and Deco Light sources with this tub.
  • Added a few new candles and light sources to the Deco Stone in Magincia
    Screenshot 2023-07-13 151629.png
    Screenshot 2023-07-13 151456.png
  • Changed the Dried Herbs for Fresh Seasoning to an extra Salt.
  • Adding Watermelon for the summer season (added to the "Independence Day" stone)
    Screenshot 2023-07-13 151554.png
  • Updated the server rules to include methods in which can assist you in submitting, bug reports, help tickets, or playet concerns. Check the section titled: Helpful Tools for Efficient Help Tickets.
  • We have made some adjustments to the Tsuki Wolf spawns, and we wanted to provide you with the reasons behind these changes. Here is a list outlining the key factors:

    ⓵ Tsuki Wolves were more abundant compared to other tames with legendary variants, exceeding the population by 75%. We wanted to bring their numbers more in line with the rest of the creatures.

    ⓶ Previously, and completely our fault, Tsuki wolves were on smart spawners, unintentionally allowing players to manipulate their spawns by coming and going from the location. We acknowledge that this was our oversight, and we have resolved this issue.

    ⓷ Due to the above, to ensure a more balanced gameplay experience, Tsuki wolves now require players to clear the spawn area for more wolves to appear. They no longer despawn on their own, and all Tsuki wolf locations share spawners with the other mobs.

    ⓸ Our team carefully calculated the difficulty, spawn density, and overall number of Tsuki wolf spawns. We aimed to find a sweet spot that provides an exciting challenge without overwhelming players.

    ⓹ The overall number of Tsuki Wolf spawners throughout Tokuno is still greater than any other creature in game(other than birds in the Eleven area:bird: ), giving you the opportunity to encounter them in various locations across the region. You will now need to really hunt!

    Please keep in mind that as a live service MMO, we continuously monitor player activities and may make further adjustments to ensure a fair and enjoyable gameplay environment for all.

    We trust that this explanation sheds light on the modifications made, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring a balanced gameplay environment for Legendary Tames.
  • Updated some promotional material backend.
ADDITIONS 7/15/2023:
  • Fixed unintended side effect of Vendors not being viewable on vendor search if placed in your home due to the changes we made to allow vendor malls and friends / co owners to place in your home.
  • Owners and Co-owners of the home will have limited access to manage vendors on the property and will otherwise act like normal vendors you don't own. Friend access is unchanged.
  • Added Minimum, Median & Maximum historical values to the Buy Confirmation screen.
  • Combat & Non-Combat skill values can now be defined as part of your item search.
  • Added a quick sales summary that will show when you place an item on a vendor.
  • The ability to Animal Lore locked down pets in a home has been added. (tip: you can type [lore to do that without clicking the skill)
  • Fixed a bug with lore not working in vendor search on pets.
  • You can now see your own listings in Vendor Search (they will appear orange)
  • image.png
  • Ability to Reprice and Delist items directly through Vendor Search. Delisted items are placed in your bank box.

  • Note: There is a 7% Repricing / Delisting fee applied if done through the Vendor Search UI.
  • Added Spellbooks to Vendor Search and the ability to additionally filter by whether it's full or not.
  • Added a ton of new Costumes! Thanks @Schuyler Bain
  • Adjusted Save time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes. Since the save time is so quick, this will make it if we do crash, there will be less of a "rollback" to previous save.
  • Fixed crash from Vendor Search issue. (Remember if you are using the vendor search and the server crashes, please post to ⁠server-crash-reports on discord so we know what ya did)
  • Adding Two New Dyetubs: Mystical Polymorph Totem Dye tub in Normal Hues and Special Hues.
  • Added the ability for Mystical Polymorph Totems to take on the hue when dyed and transfer it to the selected Costume!
  • Reduced the price of the Mystical Polymorph Totem on the UOStore to 100 sovs from 600. These are fun and should not be so expensive.
  • QoL addition: Added the ability to LEFT CLICK any DYE tub and RESET the hue to the natural hue I.E. 0 if you want to reset any colors you dyed with a tub without buying a new one.
  • Fixed a weird math issues with CUB.
  • Fixed Jack in the Box purchase for Khaldun

All fixes, changes, and patches are done as a Team. Remember to tell the team what you enjoyed as well as what we broke in Patch Feedback on Discord!
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This will be an interesting update and am going to be looking forward to the new content with open arms.