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Patch Patch Notes - 7/20/23 - Changlog + Harmony of Heroes Release


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Harmony of Heroes Release:

  • Cusidhe spawns in the orc caves increased to spread it out. Density of enemies increased.
  • Barracoon is now Rabid!
  • House Hunter completely revamped!
  • Champ Finder completely revamped!
  • Adjusted Multiple Champ Spawn Locations/Mob Density/Layout (Deceit, Destard, Despise, Abyss, Terrakeep, Fire) and Bosses (Barracoon / Neira)
  • Hoppers Bog has been moved South to a better location.
  • Cooldown reduced on all champs to 1 hour from 2.
  • Dread Flute now sounds cooler!
  • Jewelry Box now opens a bag as well so you can use your client (if your client supports it) to sort through your mass collection of trinkets.
  • Fixed vendor search armor search to include clothing.
  • Owners and Co-owners of the home will have limited access to manage vendors on the property and will otherwise act like normal vendors you don't own. Friend access is unchanged.
  • Added Minimum, Median & Maximum historical values to the Buy Confirmation screen.
  • Combat & Non-Combat skill values can now be defined as part of your item search.
  • Added a quick sales summary that will show when you place an item on a vendor.
  • The ability to Animal Lore locked down pets in a home has been added. (tip: you can type [lore to do that without clicking the skill)
  • You can now see your own listings in Vendor Search (they will appear orange)
  • image.png
  • Ability to Reprice and Delist items directly through Vendor Search. Delisted items are placed in your bank box.
  • Note: There is a 7% Repricing / Delisting fee applied if done through the Vendor Search UI.


  • Added Spellbooks to Vendor Search and the ability to additionally filter by whether it's full or not.
  • Added a ton of new Costumes! Thanks @Schuyler Bain
  • Adjusted Save time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes. Since the save time is so quick, this will make it if we do crash, there will be less of a "rollback" to previous save.
  • Adding Two New Dyetubs: Mystical Polymorph Totem Dye tub in Normal Hues and Special Hues.
  • Added the ability for Mystical Polymorph Totems to take on the hue when dyed and transfer it to the selected Costume!
  • Reduced the price of the Mystical Polymorph Totem on the UOStore to 100 sovs from 600. These are fun and should not be so expensive.
  • QoL addition: Added the ability to LEFT CLICK any DYE tub and RESET the hue to the natural hue I.E. 0 if you want to reset any colors you dyed with a tub without buying a new one.
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