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Patch Patch Notes - 7/27/2023 - Today, Tomorrow, and Futher!


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  • [mycommands gump can now be moved around.
  • fix for dark guardian treasure map locations
  • Houses now once again track visitor numbers!
  • Remove even being able to see the reset option of Dye Tubs if it is turned off
  • Add the other black dye tub (there were two apparently) to have it's default set to false.
  • Increased IDOC leash limit
  • Added a new Feature to the IDOC Portal, it has the ability to damage all mobiles (not IDOC enemies) in a radius around the portal, so be careful!
  • House Hunter updates to show ACTIVE IDOCS with new colors as well:
  • IDOCs will now show effects around the house when it is getting close to dropping
  • Fixed issue with multiple bosses spawning at an IDOC.
  • Players will now see an overhead message when the IDOC is complete to make it clear when the event is over.
  • Changed the "Acid" pools to have more variability and adjustability for encounters.
    • They can now be set to any and all damage types depending on how they will be utilized.
  • Gothmog will now do fire damage via his Molten Lava Pools during battle.
    • The rate at which these stick around has been reduced.
  • Duma Unchained has had the rate in which their Blood appears randomized.
    • The damage type for these has been changed to All Energy Types. (fire, energy, poison, etc)
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