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Patch Patch Notes - 7/6/2023 - Player Run / Notifications / House Safety / Accessibility


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We are getting closer to the Harmony of Heroes Release(thanks to those who have been testing it on the test center and feedback, it has all be invaluable!). Info here:
REMEMEBER: Housing decay timers are changing as well. So please mark your calendars for July to make sure to keep up with these changes coming!

Player Run Establishments

We are thrilled to announce an update that introduces a brand-new addition to the Public Moongates
. We have created a special section dedicated to showcasing noteworthy homes throughout the realm. These remarkable abodes are not just about individual achievements, but rather focus on community-oriented endeavors that uplift and benefit the entire community.

Step through the Moongates and explore these exceptional dwellings that exemplify the spirit of collaboration and unity. Discover the creative and inspiring projects that have been carefully crafted by our talented community members. (some do not have a return portal though, so be sure you have a way to get home!)

Be it a Tavern with questionable floor meat(yet still a line around the corner for baked goods by a Satyr!), a place to find your way around the world through the magic of runes, a collection of books and knowledge, a place to hang your hat/or dye it every color under the sun, a Hall of Heroes where the legends of UOAlive are immortalized in stone, or an island filled with mythical creatures to lore... these homes offer an array of experiences that cater to different interests and passions.

We invite you to visit these remarkable homes and witness firsthand how they contribute to the greater whole of UOAlive's Sosaria. Let us celebrate the power of community and embrace the shared joy that these outstanding creations bring to our beloved world.

Safe travels, and may your adventures be filled with wonder and new found camaraderie!

  • Updates to the KOTL switch puzzle.
  • Khaldun chests have found their loot again.
  • Shadowfiends no longer loot corpses and then disappear when killed.
  • Hunter's Garb Resists Fixed
  • Added Hire-able NPCs to the NO paragon list
  • Fixed a random crash with the Myrmidex
  • Added Message Board hue notifications. Green = New message in the last 48 hours. Orange = New messages in the last week. Normal Hue = no new messages for 1 week +
    This should make Message Boards SOOOO much more useful.
  • Can only place a vendor on a vendor tile if a vendor does not already exist there. (if you had one placed over another vendor, the vendor there first will remain and yours will be moved to Fel Britain or dropped, this was a bug, you should have reported it, using things unintended can have unintended consequences.)
  • Added more world vendor tiles, this time in New Haven. REMEMBER 2 PER PERSON(this means 2 per all 3 accounts/IP)
  • Added a confirmation gump for Retrieve and Relocate on the left click house options. (You cannot opt out of this. It has caused many players to lose items, and many help tickets to be created. We want to make sure all players have this to avoid the headaches of losing items in the future!)

  • Added a popup if items are not locked down in your house and you exit, recall, gate, leave, etc. Only a system message if you enter the house pops up to avoid redundancy.

  • Fixed a crash with the Skull of Power quest.
  • Fixed an error with UOSteam and Razor Vendor Item Details not showing
  • Updated death gump buttons to be larger and easier to see.
  • Updatd Public Moongate to match other gumps with larger buttons as well.
  • Invasion mobs can no longer be tamed, to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed a weird issue with the Magical Carrot and seeing double!
  • Added some items to the Independence Day Magincia stone permanently.
  • Added a catch for the crash this week. Hopefully it will give us more info on it as well as prevent it! It is a complicated bugger.
  • Added attributes to mutate items for gargoyles, such as all Hatchets(inlcuding caddellite axes) human, can be used on Gargoyles.
  • Added some backend stuff for the GMs and also for "Memorializing" structures.
  • You will find, in the office of the library a new Magical Stone , here you can purchase your own Classified Ads in the Newsletter!

  • Added Gold Pile Addons to Magincia Stone Exchange V 1 - 5 left to right.
All fixes, changes, and patches are done as a Team. Remember to tell the team what you enjoyed as well as what we broke in Patch Feedback on Discord!
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