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Patch Patch Notes 8/10/23- Mobile UO!


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  • Added Ethy Ossein Ram to Magincia Vendor stones
  • Added dyable curtains to the Magincia Vendor Stones
  • Fixed Powerscroll Bag on Mr. White to not accept Blacksmith and Tailoring. (he has returned from his trip to the Bahamas)
  • Fixed mailbox so items cannot be removed or clicked. This also means no more peeping toms. (they no longer need access levels)
  • We now support direct download to mobileUO
  • Reduced the ability for IDOC monsters becoming paragons.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause two bosses to spawn in an IDOC.
  • Swapped some "boss options" for IDOCs
  • Reduced IDOC timer to 2 hours from 3 due to reduction of paragons.
  • Added more diversity to the monster global pool from other facets (Termur, Eodon, Ilshenar)
  • Removal of some mobs such as a phase spider that got left in (no more tele instant death), and re-arrangement of tiers of certain mobs.
  • Increased Chance of easter egg houses
  • Removed Brigand from pool, too easy to kill
  • Further reduced IDOC effects on active IDOC house
  • Effects can start at a larger range for random time before the house will fall within the IDOC period.
  • Fixed the issue with multiple messages overhead when crossing boundaries
  • Reset all players to IDOC effects being on by default to toggle them please do "[toggleidoceffects" in game. This should resolve some issues with seeing smoke. Remember this toggles ALL effects including messages, ground tendrils, gate effects, and house smoke.
  • Fix paragon chest issue with weight and items.