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Patch Patch Notes - 8/13/2023 - IDOC Core Change


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  • Fix: Dye Tub reset status maintained after server restart.
  • Runed Sash Of Warding Negative Charges Fixed.
Reminder: The following loot changes were made to foster fairness, fun, and teamwork! It's important to bear in mind that an IDOC represents the efforts of another player, and the possibility of not succeeding is inherently factored in(you will not always win). The ultimate rewards are reserved for the most battle-tested and well-coordinated groups. Brace for a true challenge – these encounters are designed to test your mettle.

IDOCs now drop loot at the end of an IDOC event. To qualify for loot at the IDOC, you just need to participate to the best of your ability by doing damage, healing, throwing explosion pots, whatever. All actions are accounted for and considered. At the end of the IDOC, a chest will appear and the loot that you qualified for will be in the chest. You will also be notified on whether you qualified for loot.
  • You will only be able to see your own loot and not the loot anyone else has received.
  • Feel free to trade amongst yourselves if there's an item you really wanted but it wasn't in your selection.
  • Items are distributed RANDOMLY to each qualified player.
  • IDOC Chests last 15 minutes and then disappear forever.
IDOC Adjustments:
  • Added a demonic Succubus to the portal spawn. She'll taunt nearby players.. be careful around this one!
  • Fixed double boss spawning (for real this time)
  • IDOCs cannot be paragons (for real this time)
  • Locked Paragon chests in IDOCs now don't empty themselves.
  • Updated IDOC boss mob spawns.
  • Updated IDOC mob tiers and spawns. There should be a lot more variety now.
  • IDOC House effects now appear anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours ahead of the house dropping.
  • Hiding at an IDOC may have undesired consequences.
  • Known issue: sometimes in ClassicUO grid loot you need to open the chest twice to see past the client cap of 125 items.
  • Other little things here and there that you will need to experience by doing an IDOC (please feel free to create and add to the Wiki with your findings for others!)
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