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Patch Notes 9.26.16


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So we can officially say we are out of soft launch and going strong. This is going to be a big list but we needed players to really be able to resolve some of these things. Plus we added a lot of fun goodies as well! Hope you enjoy!

  • Added Working Forges will give +5 mining when used. These will be replacing the current ones at Brit Crafting Area.
  • Added Honesty Lost item boxes to banks.
  • Added an elven fort for future Quest hub.
  • Added new addons for future use(monthly dono items, events, etc)
    [*]Magic Fountain
    [*]Hanging Shields
    [*]Swift Boots
    [*]Robe with hood (hides identity when hood is up)
    [*]Dragon Head
    [*]Mini Carousel
    [*]Necro Nightmares
  • Reduced cooldown on runebooks to 1 second from 7
  • Removed treasure maps that are not in the Felucca facet
  • Adjusted difficulty for taming a dragon, you can now para tame.
  • Fixed clicking an item for quest popup.
  • Added a spellbar gump for players to organize spells. Type in [spellbar to access this really cool functionality for the "quality of life" we stress.

Missing a magery spellbook form backpack

Missing spells from magery spellbook


Horizontal spell hotbar with three rows

Vertical spell hotbar with three rows

Options Menu

Gump Positioner screen
  • Added cotton on a slow respawn timer to normal cotton areas.
  • Added a convenient way for a player to check bond status on a pet: Type [bondinfo target pet.
  • Cove invasion tweaked
  • Tweaked Doom a bit
  • Turned off Nightsight items. You must now use a spell or consumable.
  • Added titles to show below name of your skill of choosing. Set the arrow up and lock others to force it to show that skill.

  • Reduced # of kills to advance a champion spawn. With that we have made it so 3 power scrolls drop and half the gold drop so not to overload the economy. When server population rises we will increase difficulty.
  • Paragons have a chance to drop an artifact
  • Adjusted damage of Wyvrms, Drakes, and Dragons.
  • Harp Weight has been reduced.
  • Added a player vendor mall North of Brit by Lord Blackthorne's Castle. 2 Vendors per IP. (i.e. if you had 20 accounts you still would only be allowed 2 vendors)
  • Male Characters can now ride unicorns too! UO, why you so sexist!?
  • Completed implementation of Enhanced Guild System
  • Removed those damn garoyle shield drops(please please let me know if any pop up, I will cry, but it was a lot of random crap to find and get rid of it)
  • Tweaked aggro range again.
  • Added Exit to Doom Level 1(thanks Barimus)
  • Bod Reset Timers Should Reset after turning in a bod now.
  • Increases Base amount of consumables on vendors(regs,scrolls,etc)
  • Young player status extended to 450 skill cap
  • Toggle Quest Gump Added
  • LMR, HC, resist, etc show in the status gump accurately now
Still to come:
Increase vendor buy back prices
Skill Scrolls on Mobs
Newbie items on Char creation
Add Rare tamable Dragons
Fix Gold/items, anything that makes you overweight will drop at feet purchased from a vendor instead of going into your bank.
Allow non Young players to complete new haven quests
Players can't provoke creatures onto themselves and other players. (was causing a fatal crash on the server)
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