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Patch Notes 9.28.16


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Patch Notes, the big thing being ITEMIZATION indicators!
  • Buff Icons Enabled - Please make sure this doesn't cause you client lag if so just close the gump. But report it.
Status, expand Click the Circle


  • Custom Housing can now place new tiles, this includes roof tiles.
  • Made it so young players no longer have to worry about spawning in Malas if they make a necro. New Haven or bust!
  • If you have a skinning knife equipped, it'll skin, cut, and place the leather in your pack in one action.
  • Type [OrganizeMe to organize your items in your bag, will not move runebooks, spellbooks, or blessed items.
  • Added a 1 time use Trapped Pouch with 30 charges to all provisioners!
  • Added a Pet leash to the Animal Trainer Vendor, You can now carry SMALL pets around with you at no expense to your creature slot numbers!
  • Added Garden beds to the Gold Sink Vendor. These take care of your plants for you!http://www.uoguide.com/Raised_Garden_Bed
  • Better Itemization. Know exactly how rare your new piece of shiny loot ACTUALLY is!
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