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Patch Patch Notes 9/30/23 - Server Migrations / Halloween Events / and so much MORE!


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Halloween in UOAlive begins this Sunday! A ton of new things have been added see the post below for details:


🌟 Patch and Preparations Update 🌟

Let's dive into the details about today's patch and the groundwork for what's coming:

Consider this Patch 1.5, a necessary step before the big Patch 2 of our Portal/UOAlive ID Milestone for UOAlive. It's not just a patch; it's a migration, laying the foundation for future improvements. During downtime, expect a slight delay as the DNS (login.uoalive.com) adjusts to the new location.

For today: The patch will take between 5-30 minutes, depending on when your local internet provider adjusts to the new server location. In simple terms, it's like waiting for your GPS to find the fastest route.

UOAlive is here to stay. Over the past weeks, substantial work has gone into building robust infrastructure behind the scenes. The goal is to enhance performance and stability without disrupting your gaming experience. If we are doing it right, you should not have noticed much. (sans the day of hell, we will never speak of again)

Here's the breakdown:
  • We've invested in a minimum of 2+ years of powerful infrastructure for UOAlive.
  • The server will see improvements in performance and security, ensuring a smoother experience for you (sans the occasional bug hiccup).
  • Our commitment extends globally, offering a reliable connection for players worldwide.
  • All information and websites have also been secured and rigorously tested to withstand potential issues.
TLDR: No distractions – just a smoother Ultima Online experience for you on UOAlive

We appreciate your patience today with today's patch. Some players will log in quickly, while others may experience a brief delay. For the tech-savvy, a temporary login (tc.uoalive.com) is available but will retire in 3 days. If you're not tech-savvy, no worries – stick to the classic login.uoalive.com!

In summary: Today marks a significant step, ensuring a smoother UOAlive experience. Enjoy your continued adventures! 🌍🎮🚀

We with not going quietly into the night! (I swear it truly feels like we have had to write an independence day speech for the last few weeks every few, days... but we truly mean it!)
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One amazing aspect of the UOAlive community is its diversity. We're proud to have a System Security Expert among us who generously lent their expertise to thoroughly assess our system for any vulnerabilities. The collaboration was fantastic, and we express our sincere gratitude. While we won't disclose their name, they're welcome to reveal themselves here if they choose. This is the essence of what UOAlive represents!

And we are not done yet!
  • Halloween month has begun (some of the new, check out post above for full details)
    • Begging Rewards Enabled
    • Graveyard Invasions Enabled
    • Pumpkin Patches Enabled
    • New Carvables and Scary Items on the Halloween Stone
    • Khaldun and all the KotL is active again
    • All OSI Halloween fun from years past active, meaning graveyards are now dropping the bones of your fellow players as containers, collect them all!
    • Added 20+ gravestones and grave plots to the Magincia Halloween Stone!
    • New 120 Begging PS
  • All UOAlive websites have been secured
  • The Play Now section has been updated to be more clear on how to install the game.
    • Added Mobile UO and instructions on how to install there.
    • Added a link to the UOAlive Download Package to the Play Now page (until we re-design the UOAlive Launcher to be stable,. safe, and frustration free) with an included set of instructions.
    • If you are updating from the UOAlive launcher, you can copy these files to retain your settings.
      same for Razor Enhanced
  • UOAlive forums now support emojis :coffee::poop:🤬🤪🤪🤪🤡👻🤐🩲👙🩱🐻🙈🙉🙊🐵and animated gifs!
  • 1696088110646.png
  • All UOAlive servers have been migrated
  • Removed Special Gift boxes that are linked to players from IDOCs
  • New carve-able Halloween pumpkin types!
  • Harpy hen no longer spawns endless harpies, instead it will spawn extra harpies here and there as flavor to make them fun, not insane.
  • Invasions will be restored on the restart AFTER this one.
  • f***ed up my entire sleep schedule
  • Player Vendor Locations on the Public Moongates now available:
  • Did you know there is a Discord Shop? This is a beta feature we are trying out, to allow players to grab sovereigns. This is a limited run as a thank you for everything and as a special drop for Halloween!
Oh and one more thing...
Peter Falk Detective GIF by PeacockTV

  • Bod Banking Changes
    • Large Bods can be banked for 50% of their points now
    • Small Bods can be banked for 5% of their points now
We love you all, and hope you continue to enjoy UOAlive!
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