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Spellcasting lists and AI has been revised exlusively on UOAlive for wild and trained creatures.

Magery Mastery
Pets that master magery through additional training have access to a revised spell list.

Action/SpellEffect Notes
Ethereal BurstModerate chance to use ethereal burst to recover full mana, when own mana is very low
Self-buffUse agility, strength, or cunning on self
SummonSummon an energy vortex or blade spirit
Mana drain/vampireSmall chance to use as a follow-up spell
Combo manueverTypically starting with paralyze or poison, followed by explosion, and a 2-3 step spell combo
Death RayMade available when the pet is in melee with its target (less likely to move) and has plenty of mana reserves
HarmFavored when in random selection while in close range
7th-level spellsFlamestrike, Chain Lightning, Meteor Swarm are all made available
Random damage spellsRandom choice from Harm/Magic Arrow (see above), Mind Blast, Energy Bolt, Explosion, Fireball, and Lightning

Creatures trained in necromancy and magery are called necromages. They gain access to the magery mastery features described above as well as additional necromancy spells.

Action/SpellEffect Notes
SummonVengeful Spirit replaces magery summons; Animate Dead is available for wild creatures
CurseBased on available mana, Corpse Skin, Evil Omen, Blood Oath, and Mind Rot may be chosen; otherwise a magery curse is used
WitherWither is favored if there are numerous hostile targets nearby
Self-buffIn addition to the magery mastery self-buffs, necromages have a good chance to use Conduit
Random damage spellsRandom choice from Pain Spike, Poison Strike, or Strangle, or a magery mastery spell

Creatures practiced in the arts of spellweaving have revised arcana as described below:

Action/SpellEffect Notes
CureCreatures can cure themselves with Gift of Renewal
Word of DeathFavored when combatant is low on health
Summon/Nature's FuryCommonly cast when in a solo encounter
AOE DamageWildfire, Thunderstorm, and Essence of Wind are used for AOE encounters
Self-buffPets will self-buff with Arcane Empowerment, Immolating Weapon, and Attune Weapon as available
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