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Player-Driven Events

Friends for Charlie

This was a really cool event where a new Tamable of UOAlive Charlie which is highly sought after but also a very difficult encounter, was turned into an event called Friends for Charlie.

Discords Event Page in the Player Run Section
So through this, players go together night after night and did the event together to help each other get a Charlie, even rolling at the end to see who would get the Exotic Creature! On player Mdiers was having bad rolls and had even lost one to an accidental splash damage kill of the creature itself. The players got together while the player was sleeping and ran it again, transferring it to them in the morning. This was an amazing and continues to be an amazing example of the UOAlive Community efforts!


Abyss Races

On January 29th 2023 the first ever abyss race was held by the owner of the Silver Manacle itsgodzilla. The race started at the Manacle and rounded almost the entirety of the abyss. Participants ran through naked and with nothing to assist them. The winner of the race was a well known name of the server, Yellow.

The races checkpoints and start/finish

UOAlive's First Wedding:

On March 15th, 2023, UOAlive, hosted an inaugural wedding ceremony to commemorate the union of characters Eora and Max Sledgehawk. Notably, this was also the community's first LGBTQ+ wedding celebration, serving as a testament to the beliefs and values upheld by UOAlive. The occasion highlights the community's commitment to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all members, further exemplifying the essence of our community's ethos.

The Twitch vod of the full wedding can be watched via:


UOAlive's first wedding (and LGBTQ+!) between Eora and Max Sledgehawk

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