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Player Vendor Listing


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I'd like to get a list going of any player vendors set up for advertisement/knowledge spreading.

Please list the location of your vendors as well as a brief summary as to what's sold there. Post a reply so you don't need me to update a main thread or something.

Screenshots with minimap are always super helpful!
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Hye in the Vendor Mall has GM Leather suits, including Luck and resistance sets, plus a bunch of LRC and the odds and ends I've found over my travels.
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Moving my vendors into the player mall in Brit for now.

One has gear, the other has whatever I feel like putting up. Right now it's fishing treasures =)
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Best Shop Period - Right in the centre of the Player Town (Take gate from beside Britain Bank)

Scribe Goods, Runic crafted Tailoring items, Power Scrolls, Repair Deeds (120 tailor, 110 smith, GM bowyer), Luck & LRC, Daily and Doom Rares, Tailoring BoD rewards.

If you want something specific that I don't have on a vendor, send me a message on Discord (Tarheelz)

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