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Referral System - Gain Luck by referring new players!


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This has been discontinued. We now do new player tokens instead:

Hey everyone! We have a really healthy population of good players here and Ultima Online being a game that is best with friends we want to reward those who help bring new players to UOAlive.


A +luck Referral Sash!


Each referral adds +2 luck to the sash!

As well after you reach milestones of referrals

+10 players 100 Bloody Coins
+25 players 500 Bloody Coins
+50 players 1000 Bloody Coins

Thank you all for your amazing contributions so far to UOAlive and making it a one of a kind place to play!
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This is a pretty neat concept and glad you are always implementing new ways to play and improve the experience. I will definitely try to get my friends from other games over to try/play UOAlive. :)