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Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™


Attention all adventurers, nomads, and crafters! Get ready to embark on your next journey with ease and comfort thanks to the amazing Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™. Say goodbye to permanent houses and hello to the freedom of a minimalist lifestyle. Surveyor John, known for his grouchy but brilliant mind, has created a brand new item that will revolutionize your travels.

With Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™, you can set up a comfortable and convenient base anywhere you go, whether it's before a big dungeon run or in the mountains while you craft. The campsite comes complete with a smithy, a cozy bed to rest your head(company not included...), and a storage sack to keep your ingots and tools safe. No more hoarding or lugging heavy equipment from place to place, with Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™, you can have everything you need in one compact and convenient package. (this will only work in certain spots atm: Felucca, Malas, Tokuno for the first week, then we will expand this to Trammel)

So, whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a beginner just starting out, don't miss out on this must-have item. Purchase yours today at the Magincia Magical Stone Market and start exploring, crafting, and adventuring like never before!

Main Features:

  • A Secure Travel Bag to Temporarily Store Items:
  • Your Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™ will ONLY stay in the world for 5 days max. If you do not re-pack your Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™ before then it will decay. There is NO WAY to recover goods and NO WAY to refresh your Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™. This is meant to be for those on the move, not a permanent home. You can see the decay date by dragging over your carrying bag.
  • There is a working forge and smith for the crafters out there!
  • You can use Commodity Deeds from the backpack.
    • The cost of this convenience will be 2000 gold.
    • Raise your camping skill to max to get a huge discount!
  • Upon placing your campsite you are given a 5 use recall rune marked to your campsite. Use this to return quickly from your adventures! This cannot be removed from your bag.
  • You can now logout at your campsite if you have max camping skill. DBL click the fireplace and you will safely log out if you agree to the prompt.
  • Repacking Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™ will delete anything you have stored in it. Make sure to empty it before doing so. There is no way to recover your items if not:
  • Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™ follows the same rules as houses for placement, except you are allowed to own ONE home AND ONE Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™.
  • Can be found on the Magincia Magical Stone Exchange: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/uoalives-new-magincia-magical-stone-exchange-plaza-explained.1285/
Get your Surveyor John's Portable Campsite™ today!"