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The Bard

Simple but impactful additions to help you make a true and powerful bard!

1: Mastery Switching:

Mastery Switching is now reduced to 3 minutes for Bards. This means if you have the following skills at 100: Musicianship, Discordance, Peacemaking, and Provocation.

Without the skills above

With the skills above
  • We are going to start with a small change and then take feedback to see if we should reduce it more.
  • Oh yeah added a timer for knowing when you can switch masteries now :)

2: Elemental Mastery Damage
Added damage types to the book of masteries when discordance mastery is enabled.
  • On tick of despair, use selected damage type as the source of damage

3: Special Quest items to really propel you forward in your musical powers
By completing the Holy Grail quest you can choose from some very powerful Bard items for your character, these are one of a kind items that will help you in your adventures. Head on over to the Stone vendor Plaza in Magincia to check it out! https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/uoalives-new-magincia-magical-stone-exchange-plaza-explained.1285/

4: The musical instrument case

Instrument Case Reduces weight of all instruments by 50%

5: Adjustments

  • Bard songs will no longer drain your durability when not in combat.
    • Normalized the chance of item decay for spells / songs with upkeep.
    • Bard songs will no longer drain your durability when not in combat
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