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Past Events The Great Britain Bake Off - 6/23 @ 7pm CT


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Posted to the message board in town is a torn sheet of paper covered in smudges and flour.

Prepare yourself for a one of a kind event. Welcome to... The Great Britain Bake Off! The Great Britain Bake Off invites all aspiring cooks and chefs to participate. All participants should meet at The King's Men Theater in Britain (just south of the bards guild) on June 23rd at 7pm CT.

When is it?
June 23rd at 7pm CT.

What is it?
All participants will start in The King's Men Theater in Britain with completely empty bags. The showrunner will then announce a recipe and an amount. All participants will then scatter throughout Britain to gather the materials and tools needed to craft the food that was announced. The first to make it back to the showrunner and successfully trade the food in the specified amount will be the winner.

Where is it?
We've rented out The King's Men Theater in Britain, just south of the bards guild. It offers plenty of seating for participants.

There will be blessed prizes for the winners of each round.

Your chef,
Nilos Copperhoof
Satyr's Rest Pub