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Past Events The Spirit of the Holidays has invaded UOAlive!


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Happy Holidays Everyone!
All Events Will be Live December 1st!


UOAlive has kicked off this seasons holiday celebrations.

All events:
There have been sightings of evil elves, Krampus, Santa himself and so much more!

Be sure to check out the snowier regions in UOAlive to find out what may be going on and collect your holiday gifts!

- Stop Krampus!

- There is also the Artisan festival going on all month long!
https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/seasonal-events/artisan-festival/ Turn bods in for deco, GROUP EFFORT REQUIRED (QoL: this is significantly reduced on UOAlive)
- Santa's Helper Quest: Santa needs lost presents and needs you to find them! Will you deliver them in the holiday spirit or steal them like the Grinch?!
- THE GRINCH: There have been sightings of the Grinch in the Northern most tips of the coldest regions on UOAlive. Better take em out CALL OF DUTY STYLE!
- Reindeer Roundup Quest escort the reindeer back to Santa's Workshop. They are lost!
- Who pees in the snow?!?!? Dare I say there is a need for yellow snow? Maybe check with one of the fake Santa's near icy regions!
- Tilly the elf needs Gingerbread Dough! Talk to her at Santa's Workshop!
- Red paint needed for Santa's Sleigh: See the mall Santa for help fixing up their sleigh right outside New Haven!
- Gingerbread Thief: Look for candy canes, he seems to have a sweet tooth!
- The Holiday 2023 token for the snow covered topiaries (you select one of the three topiaries) will be done in a Drop sometime this month.
- There is a Gift Giving Tree! It will be in New Magincia and can be clicked once per account per 24 hours for a gift!

A few notable holiday extras for everyone:
- Paragons now have a chance to drop chests in the shape of a present box!
- Special Holiday Gifts delivered throughout the month!
- You can now collect a special Holiday Tree by clicking the Tree with Presents in Zento Plaza.

- You can collect various Snow Globes, snowmen, timepieces, and Bells from around Britain, Magincia, and New Haven, damn elves left them lying around!
- The Event Token Stone has had a bunch of holiday goodies added to it.
Screenshot 2023-11-29 161656.png

- Magincia, Britain, and New Haven have gotten some holiday cheer!
There are so many amazing goodies for you to find!
Screenshot 2023-11-29 160833.png

Hope you enjoy your holidays on UOAlive!

And last but not least our annual Holiday Themed House Contest!
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