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The Summoner:

We have always discussed "pure mages" on UOAlive and the idea that they are not ideal as OSI kinda let them fall to the wayside compared to other builds. But when you combine different skills with them mages and mystics have always been valuable members of any adventuring party, providing powerful spells and support abilities that can turn the tide of battle. However, they have often been overshadowed by their ranged, necro, melee, and tamer counterparts, who can deal massive damage with less finesse needed. Like we did with the Melee Paladin, we are making sure builds that OSI forgot about for Tamers and Sampires get love without changing the core of the game too much.

And we will with the introduction of the Summoner Class, pure mages/mystics have a chance to shine like never before.

The first step includes the following: The Summoner Class utilizes a revamped summoning system that takes many of the existing mechanics of summoning, but with small targeted tweaks to make a whole new dynamic to the Magery class. (tweaks that can easily be added or removed if we find an imbalance and no one will lose anything, since they are summoned! This is why we are willing to roll this out so quickly!)

One of the key changes is reducing the control slots of summoned creatures, making it easier for the Summoner to summon and control multiple creatures at once. This allows for a more strategic and dynamic playstyle, as the Summoner can summon a variety of creatures to fight for their cause. Summons will now ALL act as if they were pets. You can command them to do your bidding like a tamed creature. Follow, guard, stay, kill. All at your whistle.

The Summoner Class also introduces a host of new creatures that can be summoned, including many of the rare, exotic, and even possible legendaries that tamers find in the wind, but they are summons so they will not last forever! Don't wanna bother with animal training, this is a great way to enjoy and experience those UOAlive specific tames without the hassle! To start we will include the likes of: ridable polar bears, powerful dragons like Toothless, speedy windrunners, and more... much more. Each creature has its own unique abilities and attributes just like their tame-able counterparts, allowing the Summoner to pick and choose their summons to fit their playstyle. These summons can and will still be able to be dispelled so choose carefully as each summon takes a long period of time and and even though you can cycle through to pick your creature, there will be consequences for excessive cycling, with your summon inflicting damage upon you.

With the Summoner Class, pure mage/mystic/spellweavers on UOAlive have more diversity and viability than ever before. They can summon powerful creatures, customize their choice of summons, and use a variety of already available offensive and defensive/support spells and abilities to dominate the battlefield.

So if you're looking for a new and exciting way to play with the magics, look no further than the Summoner Class on UOAlive. We believe with just the small amount of tweaks above, mixed with current Enchanted Summoning masteries, and Spell Weaving, step 1 of making these classes more unique and entertaining to play while being more viable is just beginning! Important note, this is not meant to "replace" any of the current builds. It is just here to add options for different play styles. A tamer may excel better solo, but a summoner may be amazing in a group and in different situations!

The optimal build would look like this:

120 Magery
120 Eval Int
120 Mystic
120 Focus
120 Meditation
120 Spellweaving

Your most used spells:

First Step in how this is implemented:
Reduce the Control Slots of Summoned Creatures.

  • Fire Elemental 3 > 2 Slots
  • Air Elemental 3 > 2 Slots
  • Water Elemental 3 > 2 Slots
  • Earth Elemental 3 > 2 Slots
  • Deamon Summon 4 > 2 Slots
  • Energy Vortex - Unchanged
  • Blade Spirit - Summon time reduced, Slots Unchanged
Summon Creature Spell - Moved to an Eighth Circle Spell Requirement so you cannot just Jewel up to 5th and to match it’s power. Will not show differently in game. Just function differently. Cast time has been reduced.

Summon Different Animals:

Slots 2 to Summon. Count 1 more than Blade Spirit to Summon.
  • Ridable Polar
  • Nightmare
  • CuSidhe
  • Dragon
  • White Wyrm
  • Shadow Wyrm
  • Toothless
  • Windrunner
  • Najasaurus
  • Skeletal Dragon
  • Serpentine Dragon
  • Other Unknown Rares!
Without Mysticism, you are going to be at a major disadvantage. The above can be dispelled very easily, the Rising Colossus is now the MAIN TANK for this class. Without it, you will most likely be stuck at very low level content. This build is MEANT to have both. As well as missing out on AOE buff and heal spells for your summons!
  • Rising Colossus 5 > 3 Slots
  • Summoned Weapon 4 > 2 Slots
Spellweaving and Spellweaving Mastery
Without Spellweaving, you are going to be at a major disadvantage when it comes to higher end bosses. Creatures can be dispelled very easily, But with arcane empowerment as well as the Spellweaving Masteries you will have a nearly 20% decrease in summons being dispelled. Without it, you will most likely be stuck at mid level content. This build is MEANT to have both Mysticism and Spellweaving. As well as the amazing AOE and buff spells for your summons!
  • HOT TIP: Gift Of Renewal on your Colossus is IMPORTANT and can CHANGE the TIDE of the battle!
  • Arcane Empowerment got a buff to the Dispel Bonus
    • Before casting a summon if you are under the effects of arcane empowerment your summon will have more HP. This is permanent for the duration of the summon.
  • Summon Reaper 5 > 4 Slots (use your Spellweaving pets with this for bonus attacks)
  • Rising Colossus Timer extended by 60 seconds IF you have 120 Spellweaving.
  • All summons can now be commanded like pets and dismissed.
  • Summoned Creatures generate two times the chance to get loot priority since damage is divided to summoner (@anathemort thx for the assist)
  • Summon creators no longer leave a body.
  • No more waiting for a summon to disappear.
    • This does NOT apply to Blade Spirits and EVs. They need to have a sense of sporadic nature to them to not be OP.
  • Summon Reaper cannot follow you it will only be able to be dismissed, but it allows you the ability to mount or command one more creature!
  • Creatures and bosses that had a chance to just auto dispel a summoned creature without checking any of the masteries or skills will now check for a combination of your Spellweaving and Mysticism Skill Value. It does not check Magery. This will allow you to stay in the fight longer but still have a chance to be a little chaotic. (example Barracoon would insta dispel everything) this change is why we put the Elementals back to 2 slots. It balances out. (@anathemort thx for the amazing help on this)

-----------------RECENT UPDATES----------------------

We had a huge breakthrough on this one. Summoner has been completely reworked in terms of how it interacts with the rest of the classes and mechanics. We reworked how Summons and Dispel works and how it is completely separated from the rest of the Meta builds going forward with any changes and adjustments! Now we can focus on ONE area if we need to make a change versus one change having unknown ripples to other builds. We will apply this so much more content in the future. It’s actually quite awesome and we’re excited for the possibilities of the layering we can do versus changing the core.
  • Colossus has been reworked to have a formula that wasn't made out of apple sauce.
    • It will be 5 slots as default.
    • It will also be 5 slot if you have Necro and SS
    • It will be 3 without those skills and at least 50 in Mysticism/Spellweaving combo.
    • This allows us to keep these two separate builds and no conflictions trying to balance against each other. We can now continue to build out on new cool specs without disrupting others! More CHOICE! We will use this in the future as well!
  • We did the same with Animated Weapon back to the original 4 Slots if Necro or SS but 2 slots for Mystic/Spellweavers
    • If you have at least 50 in mysticism/spellweaving you can summon a 4 slot version of this that has it's Tactics and Anatomy based on your Mysticism Skill.
    • If you have over over 100 in each of the following skills: Magery, Mysticism, Spellweaving, this sword will set it's Tactics and Anatomy based on your Mysticism Skill and will be a 2 Slot. This is a nice buff to this Summon! Otherwise it will have it's skills adjusted by the old way through real skill Tactics and Anatomy.
  • Summon Elementals and Demons in the Magery Skill Tree:
    • If you just have magery these will take up the normal 4 slots per summon.
    • If you have at least 50 in both Mysticism and Spellweaving you can summon level 2 versions. This will be a good way to have progression with the summoner class before you get to summon "Summon Creature".
  • Summon Creature is now 2 slots ONLY if you have at least 100 Mysticism and 100 Spellweaving. If not, it will be a 5 slot.
    • Summon Creature now lasts 5-6 minutes instead of 12 depending on skills.
    • This will now be something you work towards, supplementing it with Elemental summons and Animated weapon.
  • Summon Time is also separated out per skills to put it back in line pre summoner changes and to only effect summoner:
    • 120 Myst/Spellweaving/Magery and No Necro or SS: 02:00 min (up from OSI standard for Buff to Summoner Class
    • Necro < 0 or SS < 0: 01:20 min (OSI STANDARD again separated out from the summoner completely!)
  • Dispel chance is now the following:
    • With the old formula numbers BEGAN in the negatives, meaning summons WOULD NOT dispel. This was a bug! We have fixed the formula for this across every summoning call in ServUO. Cleaned it all up. This does mean you will have to really be aware of your summons and who is where, plus you will actively have to backup your summons with spells. Don't think you can just be a tamer, this is CHAOTIC EVIL type shit :)
    • Your Racial Skills will not effect builds anymore.
    • Due to these Dispel changes this buffs ALL summoned creatures by quite a bit actually to be more realistic and predictable (with a little bit of chaotic nature thrown in due to magery skill being a fluctuating, per creature skill, for casting dispel. But overall we fixed a lot of problems with the formulas. They are also much easier to adjust if need be. This does mean however, that you cannot and will not be able to just toss in a "Summon Creature" without it being dispelled pretty quickly. You NEED the tank. You may get lucky, but the Colossus is very important to protecting your summons.
    • Pure Summoner as defined below has a lower chance to be dispelled depending on the creatures Magery.
      120 mysticism and 120 Spellweaving with any mage/mystic/spellweaving Mastery
    • These Hybrid Necro Spirit Speak Builds have a higher chance to be dispelled depending on the creatures Magery.
      Necro/ Spirit Speak
      Just Necro
      Just Spirit Speak
      60 Skill in only Necro
Recent Updates:
  • Rising Colossus Summon Duration Extended by 30 Seconds+-(depending on skills)
    • Target where you wish to summon the colossus now, instead of at your feet.
  • Summon Creature Summon Duration increased by 90 seconds+-(depending on skills)
  • Summons now Recall or Sacred Journey with their masters
  • Animated Weapon has been buffed, now has Armor Pierce, and will do more damage, but you need to keep it behind a colossus as it has a high probability of dispel chance due to damage output.
  • Spell Trigger can now be used to give you a Pocket Colossus!
    Screenshot 2024-04-09 231544.png
  • Added "Energy Types" to the Rising Colossus at 120 mysticism and 120 spellweaving
    • You will be able to choose before you summon if Physical, Energy, Cold, Fire, and Poison.
      Screenshot 2024-04-09 233541.png
    • They all use the different spell sets from Mysticism, Magery, Necromancy to Spellweaving's UOAlive smarter AIs!
    • Cold = Mysticism
    • Poison = Necromancy
    • Magma = Spellweaving(wildfire)
    • Energy = MageryMastery
    • Physical = No Change
  • Arcane Fiend will now be as powerful as Arcane Fey. This was majorly unbalanced in favor of the pixies. IMPS FOR LIFE!!!
Just a reminder: Summoner is still a work in progress as is most EVERYTHING in Emulation UO. This is an online service. Everything is subject to change. We said it when we released the class mechanics, it will endure tweaks. If ya want every first iteration to be perfect don't know an MMO where that exists. But you can be a part of the development especially when it helps immensely when ya report, constructively, things overpowered, or underpowered, or bugged. Just remember we all want to play a fun game at the end of the day. So let's work together and adopt the idea that positive change is important to the longevity of the server! We will always do what we believe is best for you all and try our best to respect your time invested. And we know that changes are often in direct conflict with that, but the overall health of the server is always the most important deciding factor. Thank you all for being awesome.

We hope that you will appreciate the seemingly simple yet significant changes we have made to the Summons on UOAlive. These updates are expected to have a lasting and meaningful impact on the magery classes as a whole, and we believe that they will enhance your overall gameplay experience.
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