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Undead Commander

Class Description:
Step into the enigmatic realm where blood mingles with magic, and life dances on the edge of death. Behold the Undead Commander – a master of the forbidden arts, where the give and take of life's essence is woven into the very fabric of their existence.

Followed by two undead dragons, bound by the pulsating rhythm of the Undead Commanders's lifeblood, soar through the shadows at their command. The fallen rise, not merely through necromantic might, but through the sacrificial exchange that defines the very essence of this mystical being.

🩸The Hemomancer:
In one form, the Undead Commander evolves into the 'Hemomancer,' delving into a myriad of melee disciplines interwoven with necrotic arts. At the heart of their power lies a profound connection with their own life force, intricately entwined with the creatures they command. Hemomancers are not squeamish at the sight of their own blood – as you witness a dance of give and take, where blood spills like ink upon the canvas of the undead's petrified bones.

💀The Necroweaver:
And in their second form, embrace the Undying Magus, the 'Necroweaver'! If you find joy in commanding the undead, relish the thought of having not one but two skeletal dragons at your beck and call, and yearn to unleash potent magical energies that dissolve all in their path, then look no further. This build is tailor-made for you!

Meticulously refined for remarkable effectiveness in PvE scenarios, the Undead Commander beckons those daring enough to embrace the dark arts and command the shadows.

Sub Classes

  • 120 Magery
  • 120 Eval Int (Essential for maximizing magery spell damage)
  • 120 Necro
  • 120 Spirit Speak (Critical for amplifying necro spell damage and enabling mana drain in wraith form)
  • 120 Spellweaving
  • 120 Meditation
One possible Play Style for this:
Pre-combat: Cast gift of life on dragons and then me (so I can see timer when I need to refresh)
In combat:

1 Cast thunderstorm or wither if multiple mobs to drain from
2 Once dragons take damage, cast gift of renewal on the one taking the most hits. Gift of Renewal generally takes care of most healing on that dragon until it expires
3 Cast Arcane Empowerment and supplement further heals as needed to either dragon
4 If dragons are okay, continue with offensive spells (wither/thunderstorm)
5 If single target, switch to corpse skin + flamestrike OR energy bolts OR poison strike
6 Med when needed if solo boss (champ, grim reaper, etc) if no more mana to drain from Wraith form
If a dragon dies, be sure to gift of life again when it's back up
Also explained the Tactics in the guide as well https://discord.com/channels/221645501806804993/1166800856797159424/1166801436538044516
Specialized Necroweaver Scribe (With +skill items):
    • 120 Magery
    • 100 Eval Int
    • 120 Necro
    • 120 Spirit Speak
    • 120 Spellweaving
    • 120 Meditation
    • 120 Inscription (Provides additional Spell Damage Increase for Magery spells exclusively)
  • 120 Fencing (fast hitting weapons with life leech are a MUST! Fencing has a real purpose again!)
  • 110 Tactics
  • 110 Parrying
  • 100 Necromancy
  • 100 Spiritspeak
  • 100 Vet
  • 80 Animal Lore
  • 80 Chivalry
The perfect melee/necro combo. Fast hitting weapons, blood oaths, skeletal dragons for everyone!

- Make sure Vampiric Embrace (Vamp-Form) is active.
- Cast Enemy of One
- Cast Curse Weapon

- You will want to watch out how you bandage as the bleed can effect you quickly if you rush! Always manage your health and your pets.

Mid-Combat: Always focus on killing non paragon's first (quickly eliminate damage sources)
- Always keep up consecrate weapon
- If Curse Weapon spell runs out, recast

After-Combat:Watch your HP or stop the Bandage Agent (might be done via a hotkey) when looking through loot.
- Use Close Wounds if needed to heal yourself, since youre not leeching life at this moment.

Special note: You can make use of the shield taunt (double clicking your shield and targetting)!

Class Specific Features:
These features below add the flavor of a necro, while keeping the current builds intact: giving it more of a feeling of actually commanding UNDEAD versus just a tamer with 2 untrained shadowwyrm/toothless's. We have also split the class into two sub classes Hemomancer revolving around blood transfer and healing. And the Necroweaver focused on the magical arts.
  • Commanded Creatures Can Be Bonded
  • Commanded Creatures Can Be Stabled
  • Commanded Creatures will Auto Log
  • Commanded Creatures can be Renamed
  • Commanded Creatures cannot be healed with Magery.
  • Commanded Creatures Can Be healed with Evil Omen in Necromancy!(you will not be able to cast this without magery, they synergize)
    • Evil Omen will now NOT require LMC to reach a hard cap of 6mana per cast. This is a special use case for Undead Commanders only. (greater heal required 40% LMC to get to this number)
    • Evil Omen will require a blood sacrifice at times to continue using it, similar to Hemomancer's Bandages!
  • Commanded Creatures can use Gift of Renewal and will be something you will want to invest in to balance your healing out, however beware, your creature dislikes benevolent magics, so you may feel a little pain...
  • You can cast Gift of Life on Commanded Creatures, but due to their need for life force/blood/essence, you will need to sacrifice 80% of your own life for this spell! Use it well and tactically.
  • Commanded Creatures can be healed with bandages but it is dangerous as you will be required to sacrifice blood to keep them alive! You will have take damage.
    • Added buff icon for bandage bleed.
  • Commanded Creatures can be resurrected with bandages, but it will require a blood sacrifice of 50% of your total health pool! (You can STILL cut yourself on their bones, so be very careful!)
  • Necroweavers can resurrect their or others Commanded Creatures via the Animate Undead Spell. There will be a blood sacrifice needed. Give and take.
    • Use Animate Dead to resurrect Commanded Creatures (if necro/ss/magery skills are >= 90) at a cost of 50% max hp
  • Undead Commanders can cast their Evil Omen Spells and Bandage heal on other Hemomancers/Necroweaver commanded undead.
    • Hemomancers can resurrect other Commanded Creatures not bound to them.
    • Necroweavers can resurrect other Commanded Creatures not bound to them.
  • The higher the RAW STR of a Skeletal Dragon, the more damage they can take. 1% more damage taken, per 100 str over 700 for a max of 3%. So feel free to get creative.
  • Commanded Creatures will gain their skills in combat.
  • Commanded Creatures take a little bit more damage than tamed created.
  • There is a new resurrection Anhk in Lord Blackthorne's Castle in Britain Trammel, New Haven, and Umbra for Commanded Creatures.(you can recall here)
    Screenshot 2023-10-26 164617.png
    Screenshot 2023-10-30 171619.png
    Screenshot 2023-10-30 171551.png
  • Those who do not follow the necrotic arts will not be able to resurrect a commanded pet and will most likely fail their blood oath resulting in their own death.
    • The same applies to bandaging these creatures. The wounds may cut deep! Beware.
  • You can now command the following undead utilizing the Undead Commander Enhancements:
    • Skeletal Dragon, Bone Knight, Bone Magi, Flesh Golem, Ghoul, Gore Fiend, Hell Steed, Lady Of The Snow, Lich, Lich Lord, Rotting Corpse, Shade, Skeletal Knight, Skeletal Mage, Skeletal Mount, Skeleton, Spectre, Wraith, Zombie, Effete Undead Gargoyle, Undead Gargoyle, Undead Guardian, Spellbinder, Skeletal Cat, Cursed Metallic Knight, Cursed Metallic Mage, Ancient Lich, Dream Wraith, Revenant Lion
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Anyone made a Hemomancer specific guide? I'm looking through the discord and I can't seem to find more information on how to build the hemomancer :)