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Lore Unstable Magics


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Researching Unstable Magics
I am Lunia Moonbow, Mage of Wind and researcher of magic. Some of you met me yesterday when my call to action touched your mind and pulled adventurers of all sorts to the counselor's guild in Britain. I'm posting this on the community boards to warn and advise others as to the happenings that took place.For the past week I had felt a strong unstable burst of magic around the dungeon known as Fire. Upon observing this, I asked the mages of Wind for aid, but they were busy with plans for Luna. I put together a powerful spell to communicate with adventurer's from across the land and gather them in Britain. Here, I opened a gate for the group to safely travel to Fire.

Upon arriving, the group was met by a goblin known as Guntik. Normally, we'd be wary of such a creature, but he seemed to have talked the group into supporting his efforts to "gain power" and "take power from goblins and elementals". He was escorted by the adventurers deep into Fire where they were forced to battle and explosion of elementals and enslaved goblins. Each time an elemental was killed, the goblin would hold out a jug engraved with runes that absorbed the elemental energy. Eventually, the group found themselves at a mage tower deep in the dungeon.

It is here that a pentagram sat, and the source of the elemental energy I had felt. A fight erupted as the mages tried to defend their home, and the goblin asked that he be protected while he performed major magics. The adventurer's fought tooth and nail, some falling to the onslaught.But, they triumphed. They were able to protect the goblin, who now held a jug of brightly glowing elemental essence. What came next was nothing short of despicable. The goblin, filled with power and a new found determination turned on the adventurers and betrayed them. Sending another wave of elementals at them as he vanished and vowed to be back.

A Forceful Takeover
While the mages of wind have struggled to keep the spell around Luna active, I've had been trying to located this goblin but have had mixed results. It appears that he was able to teleport to different locations in the realm. However, I managed to track him down to an orc fort outside of cove where he had started a brutal forceful takeover of the orc clan there. It was obvious that the goblin intended to take over goblin and orc clans across the land to power his new army.

I contacted an orc blacksmith, whose name is unknown but goes by Mojo Blacksmith. This blacksmith was familiar with the area and had shown some level of willingness to work with humans in the past. He agreed, and so we formed a small army of our own in cove. Shortly after, the orc blacksmith shouted his battle cry and the army went to war. They marched on cove, slaying elementals and possessed orcs by the dozens. The battle was long and fierce, but they managed to corner Guntik on the docks. In one final effort, Guntik summoned a massive wave of blood elementals before disappearing once again.

Video of the Cove Attack

Tracking Guntik
Frustrated, I came up with a plan to track Guntik regardless of his location. A machine that would be able to pinpoint his location. To do so required major effort from the crafters of the realm. When I made the call to them I was worried, but they showed up in force. The first order of business was to track down a book that had been lost in the archives of Wind. I began coordinating with The Green Company to make this happen. The crafters managed to find it and return it to the Luna base. The entire time, Guntik took advantage of the split group and summoned enemies at the Luna base, trying to stop the device from being completed.

Upon reading the book, I discovered that the process to make the machine would be more difficult than I had imagined. I had no choice but to ask the crafters to gather the parts needed to build the machine. They answered the call and found everything needed within only a few days time. I began work on the machine.

Video of the Tracking event

A Final Attack
Once the machine was finished, I called to the adventurers once more. We gathered around the device as I activated it and managed to find the location of Guntik and his base of power. He had hidden himself deep within the abyss. But, evil can't hide from the heroes of this land and we steeled ourselves for the journey. This time I would adventure with them and we would settle the score once and for all. I began coordinating efforts to move people to the abyss where we could launch an attack.

Dozens of us gathered for the final onslaught. We charged forth into the abyss, slaying elementals by the hundreds. Goblins jumped into the fray as well, throwing dangerous magic at us. Many adventurers died and we struggled to regroup and rally. But rally we did, and we pushed forward as wicked vortexes tried to bar our way. Eventually, Guntik himself and three massive corrupted goblins who no longer maintained their forms counter attacked. Guntik hunted the weak, teleporting around the battlefield and throwing elemental magics at all around.

But, the adventurers were eventually victorious. Bloodied and bruised, we stumbled out of the abyss and to the Hanging Mace Sanctuary where we celebrated a hard won victory.

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