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Past Events UOAlive Holiday Decorations House Contest!


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It’s almost Christmas and in Ultima Online, that often means it’s time to decorate our houses in the holiday themes.


Decorators, you can submit anything you want, whether it be a room, an object, or an entire house – or multiple houses tied together. The sky is the limit but it should be Christmas/Holiday Themed.

A few rules:
1. The house(s) must be in UOAlive. You cannot use HomeBuilder or any other applications as they contain tiles/items you cannot find in game. You actually need to decorate a home in UOAlive to make this fair to everyone. These homes should be available for staff to visit if requested…meaning this has to be on the server.
2. Screenshots HAVE to be of homes in UO. Real life Homes do not apply for this contest. Although we would love to see them!
3. You can submit as much as you want, but you can only win once.

5. Late submissions will not be accepted under any circumstances. There are deadlines for a reason.
6. Screenshots must be in this forum topic not on discord.

To make things easy, we have two ways for you to submit your entries. The first is to post them as attachments as replies to this thread.


Prizes are as follows:
  • 1st Place (Special Reward Decor Item and 1000 Event Tokens)
  • 2nd Place (Special Reward Decor Item and 750 Event Tokens)
  • 3rd place (Special Reward Decor Item and 500 Event Tokens)
  • Community Choice Award (Special Reward Decor Item and 500 Event Tokens)

Prizes may contain additions at a later point, which we will add here if we add things.

A winner can only win ONE PRIZE in all categories: meaning, if someone wins 3rd place AND Community Choice, they will only receive the reward for the top prize and the next person with the most votes will win the prize for the category under them assuming they have more votes then the rest.

This is to help share the awesome prizes and not to become a "popularity" contest. :)

You are still a WINNER! Just prizes get distributed to more people! :)

https://imgur.com/ is your friend :) Even has an embed option.
We do this intentionally to not overload the storage on the server.


Upload a photo by dragging it to the site:
View attachment 1406
It will open, click the ellipses and click GET SHARE LINKS.

View attachment 1407


View attachment 1408



Examples of homes from previous events:
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Hope this is correct. Enjoy, the house is open for tours :) my coord's are 2268-1079 Tram. My discord name is Door2Eden
UO Christmas House.png
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Tokuno Islands Makato- Jima vom Portal nach unten rechts das Haus
uo alive.png
uo alive2.png

Discord Name Pozilei
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Who needs reindeer when you have Santa captives. Nothing fancy or elaborate, just an orcish way to celebrate. Located at the Yew Orc Fort in Tram.
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You are invited to have a 4 floor interactive Christmas experience!

On the first floor, you'll be invited to sit by the fire and have Christmas dinner with the orc family (trolls included) surrounded by exclusive Artisan Festival Sculptures! Up the stairs you'll find a gingerbread house with a collection of snow globes, holiday bells and more. The Elven floor is filled with frostwood and snowflakes and the resident snowmen guide the way to the highlight of the event, a red carpet tour of the 12 days of Christmas! Pictures just don't do it justice.

We invite you to tour each level for the full experience, including bubbling champagne flutes and a pond with swans a'swimming. Find the location at the Community Center Player Establishments or Magincia Rune Library, East wall in the Player Shops rune book under Gunship's Crafting Supply. We look forward to seeing you!




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An entire House of Christmas. It includes Santa with Milk and Cookie, a full set of Snow Globes, Reindeer and Sleighs. Santa's Guards, Holiday Bells, A bar with glacial ice and snow to keep drinks nice and cold! Also included are many of the Quest Items and trinkets found throughout the land during Christmas of 2023! Come take a look and have a drink, or 3 :) Location Malas 1530, 1521.
Thanks! (If I did not upload the photos correct please let me know, Thanks)

1st Floor.JPG
2nd Floor.JPG
3rd Floor.JPG
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The little Christmas house of happiness

I'm still new to the UO Alive world and a little magician and live by Luna (1090/552).
Since Luna needs Christmas hope, I settled there.
At Christmas the days will be brighter and longer again and the nights and darkness will be fewer. And I want to bring a little light to Luna with my little Christmas house.

My little house is open to everyone and welcome to visit.
If you stay quiet you might see the little crunchy mouse who lives there and sometimes likes to share her nut.
Because Christmas is...
...when a smile comes from the heart ❤️
...when the I changes into the WE 👨‍❤️‍👨
...when hands prefer to give rather than receive 🍬
...when distance becomes close 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧
...when help becomes an important word 😇
...when eyes start to shine 🤩
and when a tear doesn't mean suffering but joy 🥲

Amazing Entries from everyone, we are going to be setting up a poll soon! Happy New Year and great work to those who submitted!
**First Place (1st): **House #4 @door2eden
**Second Place (2nd):** House #5 @luthienn_
**Third Place (3rd):** House #6 @etv700
**Community Choice Award (4th): **House #1 @Tarija