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Community Newsletter UOAlive Newsletter: Beefy Boulevard - 8/04/2023


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Wow, this year is moo-ving right along!
With the end of July and start of August,
UOAlive keeps making strides in bringing you all these wonderful QoL improvements and more!
We've been having a blast watching you bring down demonic IDOC's, and coming together as a
community to help show us what makes UOAlive udderly epic!
As always, if you have a story for us, reach out and tell us your tail!





What a wonderful account of happenings on the Shard as well as insights into the community! And this new design, holy COW!!! heheheheh Bravo!
I've been a shard dev/owner since the very early 2000's but stopped my shard a few years back due to some life issues at the time. I'd like to commend you on the work on this shard and the attitude of your staff. I've been on Outlands almost two years(MOD edit to keep it civil, part of our server rules are to not speak poorly of other servers, as we like to keep it drama free. Choice is important)Your players and staff have made me make this my new home. Keep up the great work!
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