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Community Newsletter UOAlive Newsletter: November Events Edition - 12 November 2022

Greetings everyone! Hope you are all well and having a most splendid week, and thank you for being you!

Here is the latest issue of the UOAlive newsletter written by Heartfelt and edited by Pevil.

Remember, if you think you have a tip or story or even advertisement you wish to be in the next Newsletter, DM @pevil on discord or tag @UOAlive Reporters!

`UOAlive News Team.





Join the discord channel: ┃season-of-the-witch

Defeating the Occupation of Trinsic revealed the true cause of the undead rising up in the city! Follow the clues! Follow the trail! But do not get lost, but to lose yourself to their wails.


Welcome to... Season of the Witch!

Also enjoy the other Thanksgiving events around town,
the farms I hear are a good place to look for the less tactically inclined and may help feed a hungry pilgrim in Zento.


This quest giver in Zento is looking for adventurers!

If you are brave, you can also head on over to the lands of the lost T2A and find yourself Turduken!
Meat is a bit gamey..... rumor has it, the magic from Skara and the Witches has pulled a few into town as well! Make sure to see the butcher in New Haven.

Regardless of what you choose, HAVE FUN! This will run until the end of November!